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October 29, 2015

Cake Smash Portrait Party in the Studio

When Mom walked in with an armful of pretty outfits and dresses for her daughter’s cake smash portrait party in the studio, I was thrilled. Until I saw this dress…

pretty party dress for cake smash and first birthday

And I was over the moon! Make sure you look at the design on the dress very closely! It’s covered in Boston Terriers! This mom knows me too well. Lol

all ready for cake smash with her birthday hat on

See that sweet little hat she’s got on? Mom ordered one from Etsy, but it didn’t come in time, so she made it herself. Oh, no big deal, just making hats like a pro the night before the photo-shoot! Wow!

lacy pink mini cake for first birthday cake smash pictures

Little Miss “A” didn’t need much to get started. One little taste and…

cake all over face in this sacramento studio for cake smash and first birthday

Cake smash mission accomplished!

smushed cake in hair for sacramento studio cake smash portraits

And this is what the end looked like. Ha!

sacramento cake smash photographer studio pink ruffle dress

If you’d like to reserve a cake smash session in our studio for your child’s first birthday, give us a call at 916-933-8352 or email us at today!

*Beautiful cake lovingly crafted by Sweetologie.

October 21, 2015

Fun Family Portraits in the Fall

It’s time for fun fall family portraits! In just a matter of a few weeks, Sacramento will be full of beautiful autumnal color!

And who better to show it off than this beautiful family. Their twin sons were just a ton of fun and so good for their pictures!

twin brothers run through the fall leaves

Getting four kids together for a picture isn’t always a walk in the park, but these guys make it look easy.

brothers and sisters holding hands dressed in their best

Lots of hugs for brothers and sisters. Such a bunch of cuties in their perfect fall outfits.

fall family portraits in sacramento sibling pictures

These parents are superstars in my book. What a beautiful family they have created!

family portrait for fall in sacramento

And because every little boy likes being thrown in the air…

autumn leaves are the best for sacramento family portraits

And every mom loves cuddly hugs from her boys.

hugs for mom amongst the fall leaves for family pictures

Loved every minute of this fun fall session! If you’d like to book a session for your family in this location or any other spot you see here on the blog, give us a call at 916-933-8352 or email at

September 27, 2015

Fall Family Photos in McKinley Park

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family many times over the years, and I just had to share this session taken in McKinley Park in Sacramento, where I got to meet little Leo. The fall colors of the trees make such a beautiful backdrop…

Fall family photos in McKinley Park Sacramento 

I think these big sisters are pretty crazy about their new baby brother…

Fall family photos in McKinley Park Sacramento little girls with newborn baby brother

A squeeze from dad always brings laughter and smiles…

Fall family photos in McKinley Park Sacramento dad with young daughters

Such beautiful girls in their colorful fall clothes…

Fall family photos in McKinley Park Sacramento young daughters

Mom and dad look regal in blue with the soft green backdrop…

Fall family photos in McKinley Park Sacramento mom and dad with newborn baby

Call 916-933-8352 or email to book a session for your family! I know a ton of great spots in the outdoors, perfect for autumn family pictures in the Sacramento region.

July 20, 2015

Brother and Sister Summer Portraits

I just loved photographing this sweet brother and sister in McKinley Park this summer. I’ve been photographing their family for years, and I feel so lucky to be the one to document these two sweet children!

sister giggling in a pretty pink dress

We stopped in the shade for a couple photos, and to give that pretty pink dress a twirl!

brother and sister wearing a pink dress walking in McKinley Park in Sacramento

Big brother took her for a little stroll and pretty soon…

brother and sister wearing a pink dress walking in McKinley Park in Sacramento

She found some roses that perfectly matched her beautiful dress!

Little girl in pink dress smelling the roses in McKinley Park in Sacramento

These kids always put a smile on my face!

Call 916-933-8352 or email to book a session for your family!

June 28, 2015

Studio Sessions

This upcoming week is booked full, all with studio sessions! As the weather heats up, the new studio is becoming more and more popular, being a cool, calm space, away from the summer weather.  It’s been fun, exploring the light in the studio and trying out new backdrops. The light is a little different each hour of the day, and it’s been inspiring to form a new sort of intimate relationship with it.

During construction, this fun family wrote in and asked for a studio session. We set a date and I crossed my fingers and hoped the studio would be done by then… It was finished just a few days before (whew!), and everything fell perfectly into place. So, here’s a small sample of some of the first pictures coming out of the studio. I’m super happy with them and excited to see where things go from here!

graceful tween portraits in the studio

funny faces on a gray backdrop in studio

brother and sister hugs on gray studio backdrop

funny faces in the studio with white backdrop

humorous family photos in the sacramento studio

natural interactive studio family portraits in sacramento

paper airplanes make a great additional to this fun and quirky family session

brother and sister sibling pictures in the sacramento studio

If you’d like to book a studio session for your family, kids or brand-new baby, just give us a ring at 916.933.8352 or send us an email to