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November 11, 2014

Running, Jumping and Lighting Up the World

Little Mila. I first photographed her when she was just learning to pull herself up and now she’s running, jumping and simply lighting up the world with her big smile, rosy cheeks and outgoing personality.

We picked a fun urban park in Beverly Hills and had a blast. I just love her little expression like she’s seriously considering just jumping right in…

dipping into the fountain with a pink tutu dressI’m so glad that Dad wanted to be in the shoot as well. It’s always more fun to have the whole family there.

sitting on daddy's shoulders and running at the park in los angelesCuddles and smiles are just the best!

sitting on daddy's shoulders is the best spot in the worldSeriously. These clothes that Mila is wearing are amazing. Gray tulle and glittery ballet slippers. I die!

playing with mom and dad on the steps in a pretty gray tulle dress

hugs and cuddles with mom and dad in beverly hillsI had to end with little blooper shot. So cute!

little girl climbing up the stairs in a tutu dress and ballet slippers


October 30, 2014

Fun Family Photography at Gibson Ranch

This is the perfect group to show you all just how much fun family photography at Gibson Ranch can be. We’ve been doing family portrait sessions together every year since I moved to Sacramento (almost seven years ago…wow). Gibson Ranch held a special significance for them, so we thought it would be a great spot for this year’s session. It was very windy that day so they threw the girls’ hair up and we got to running around and playing with it.

family holding hands and running down the hill at Gibson Ranch

The horse fences make a beautiful backdrop…and a fun climbing apparatus!

brother and sisters climb the white fence at Gibson Ranch

Here’s the star of the show, flying around in his Superman shirt – love it!

little boy flying around the Gibson Ranch field in his superman shirt

I’m a real softie for sweet moments between father and daughter. Her little hand on his face makes my heart skip a beat…

daddy and daughter snuggle for their picture at Gibson Ranch

Not much better than tickles and smiles!

tickles in the field at Gibson ranch make the best mother daughter smiles

The dock at Gibson Ranch makes a perfect “prop” for sunset shoots.

family picture on the dock over the pond at Gibson Ranch

Had to include a shot of their feet! This family wears Converse shoes at every session – so cute!

family wore converse shoes for their family portraits at gibson ranch

Princess dresses and Ring Around the Rosy at sunset. Doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

sisters play ring around the rosy under the weeping willow at gibson ranch

I always have so much fun with this family! Already looking forward to next year!

October 21, 2014

Six Peas in a Pod | Fairfield Maternity Portraits

If you’ve been a faithful blog reader, you’ll recognize this beautiful family. I’ve been photographing them every year since 2010, starting with the pregnancy of their first daughter, Dylan, and they recently welcomed their second daughter, Petyon, into the world. This is the kind of relationship I love. We are like, well, six peas in a pod, now (counting their first baby, Armani, the Pomeranian). I know them and they know me and our shoots unfold simply and naturally.

fairfield vacaville maternity photo (3)

fairfield vacaville maternity photo (2)

fairfield vacaville maternity photo (5)One of my favorite things about them is that they love to play and have fun. This is a real team. You really get the feeling that not one of them would rather be anywhere else than right here, in this moment, with one another.

fairfield vacaville maternity photo (1)

fairfield vacaville maternity photo (4)

fairfield vacaville maternity photo (6)Already looking forward to the next shoot with these awesome people!

October 14, 2014

I Feel Like I’m Cheating | Sacramento State Capitol

Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating. I mean, a family as gorgeous as this shows up and I really feel like I’m getting away with something. They look so good in every photo, I barely have to do anything! And even when they come dressed so perfectly, they are still willing to be a bunch of goof-balls and jump like crazy people over and over again because I have a sick sense of humor and ask them to do it multiple times and they still look amazing! ¬†Case in point…

goofy silly family picture jumping in front of the california capitol in sacramentoSee what I mean?!

family walking in front of the california capitol in sacramentoYup, still super cute and adorable, and this one was even after they’d been taking pictures for over an hour.

sitting on the steps of the capitol all dressed in blue for their family pictures

mother and daughter, father and son laughing and huggingLast shot of the morning and then they got in their car and drove straight to their camping trip. These folks know how to live! Stop 1: Photoshoot where we all look amazing. Stop 2: Camping for the weekend.  Enough said. ;-)

beautiful family lying on a blanket in front of the capitol

October 7, 2014

Simple and Natural Family Portraits

You go on Pinterest these days and it’s all about styled shoots with LOADS of props and it often becomes more about the “stuff” in the photos than the family. For me, it’s all about the people and, personally, I find a beautiful set of simple family portraits to be actually quite refreshing. I’m not talking about boring, stock-still, “grip and grin” (as many of you have heard me call it) type pictures, but ones that really show the FAMILY, that show the LOVE and show the natural CONNECTION. If I fail to show that, then I’ve failed myself and my clients. That is what I work for in every shoot. And look how cute this family is!! They don’t need a single prop to help them show how much they are a family.

baby tickles and giggles with mom and dad by the riverThis little guy had just learned how to walk so I wanted to make sure to capture that in their session. This is the one time when I wish I had a videographer leaning over my shoulder…

learning to walk on the grass photosBig Sis was doing her best to help him. Love this shot.

big sister holds her little brothers hand at the parkWhat a beautiful family! Mom did such a good job on the clothes! Sweet, simple, beautiful. Perfect.

cuddled up together being family for their summer portraitsNo father son duo is going to escape my demands to kiss and tickle!

father and son natural summer portraitsUmmm… What can I say? ADORABLE. Look at that sweet smile!

mother and daughter summer portrait

parents with their children by the river taking picturesWe ended off the morning with some wet feet and big smiles. I’ll take it!

sister is showing off her pretty dress while little brother walks shirtless in the water