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April 26, 2015

Taking a Trip to the River for Family Photos

For those of you who know me, taking a trip to the river for family photos is my idea of heaven. I’m a big lover of the outdoors and getting to combine that with photography, well, it’s just plain fun. The vast majority of my own most-loved childhood memories are filled with rivers, trails, critters and general wilderness, so there was a lot to draw from, creatively, when making these images with my clients. To top it all off, I just really like and admire this family, their personalities, their life-goals, and the way they choose to live.

We walked out a ways on a beautiful little trail that they visit regularly with the kids and found a secluded spot by the American River.

son on shoulders and daughter in arms by the river

And, well, you know me — we had to get “silly” right off the bat.

brother and sister hanging upside down and giggling

I could get lost in those blue eyes – she is such a beauty!

Here’s Jake in his native habit, clambering over boulders in a t-shirt and rolled up jeans. And that hair… I was literally staring at it when they got out of the car. I just love it!

balancing on rocks with mom by the American River

At these young ages, it’s not always a guarantee we are going to get two little faces smiling and looking at the camera but Jake and Gaby nailed it!

brother and sister laughing together on a blanket by the river rocks

The act of swinging like this needs a name. Right now, I call it “1-2-3-swing!”, but there’s got to be an actual official name for it… Any suggestions?

mom and dad swinging a laughing boy in their favorite spot

And this is the truth of how babies really kiss — with everything they’ve got! One of my favorite little memories from the day.

daughter giving daddy a big kiss


big blue eyes and smiles and a purple shirt for this little girl being held by her mom

And a little parting shot to close out the post… I love images like these because they are what makes up being a kid.

blond curly hair, white shirt and jeans and a parting shot

Call 916-933-8352 or email to book a session for your family! I know several great spots in the outdoors, perfect for family pictures in the Sacramento region.

April 20, 2015

Doing Family Portraits at Home

Although I have collected a ton of fun locations to use for shoots in Sacramento over the years, there’s something really special and intimate about doing family portraits at home.

I first met this family when they were pregnant with their youngest in 2009 and, back then, I remember talking with them about finding their “forever home”. They finally found it a few years ago and, since then, have poured themselves into every little detail. We wanted to celebrate by holding their next family photography session in their beautiful Arden Arcade home.

family portraits in front of their Arden Sacramento home

One of the great joys of photographing families over the years is getting to see the images we’ve created together on their walls! Some of them even made it into this picture!

taking pictures in front of the family portrait wall

Playing with Legos is a major part of these boys’ lives (as it is for so many including my completely obsessed nephews). And I’m kind of in love with the dog’s nose peering out from behind big brother’s shoulder…

boys playing with their star wars legos perfect for lifestyle family pictures

And it’s pretty much impossible not to laugh when attempting a family dog-pile. All we were missing was the dog!

all smiles and dog piles on the family bed while mom laughs

When they told me they were setting up a zip line in the back yard, and I was like, “YESSSSSS!”

zip lining the back yard in sacramento for family pictures

The boys themselves made a special request for this shot. They were super proud to be sitting up high in their plum tree.

brothers climbed their favorite tree in the back yard for their sacramento photography

I sort of jokingly asked Dad if he could throw his boys in the air, thinking he’d say “No way!” because they had grown up so much. To my surprise, he jumped at the opportunity and sent the boys flying! I think they were even a little shocked at how high they went. Ha!

dad throwing son in the air for lifestyle family portraits

Can’t forget the fur-kid! That tongue cracks me up…

sacramento brothers lying on the lawn for pictures with their spaniel dog

And if you’ve made it this far down the page, you get a fun little animated somersault surprise!

sacramento family portrait somersault in the back yard

This girl would die happy if every session I photographed was like this one!

If you’re interested in booking your own family photography session, give us a call at 916-933-8352 or shoot us an email at

January 22, 2015

Winter Session Discount!

Another wonderful holiday season is behind us! It’s always such a whirlwind time of year for me, and it’s possible that I didn’t get the chance to see your lovely faces! If that’s the case, I’ve got a special little treat for you…

 Book a weekday session to take place before February 28th and…

Receive 50% off your session fee!

Making your session just $100!*

 I’ve got lots of recommendations for beautiful locations to use during the winter — don’t let the naked trees fool you! And remember, the winter light is some of the most flattering light of the year — see below for an example of session that was shot only last week! Golly, I love that light…

To book your session, call us at 916.933.8352, or email

 *Discount may not be applied to Newborn or Baby Club sessions and may not be used in combination with other discounts. Snow sessions may include an additional travel fee.


winter sacramento family portraits davis


November 11, 2014

Running, Jumping and Lighting Up the World

Little Mila. I first photographed her when she was just learning to pull herself up and now she’s running, jumping and simply lighting up the world with her big smile, rosy cheeks and outgoing personality.

We picked a fun urban park in Beverly Hills and had a blast. I just love her little expression like she’s seriously considering just jumping right in…

dipping into the fountain with a pink tutu dressI’m so glad that Dad wanted to be in the shoot as well. It’s always more fun to have the whole family there.

sitting on daddy's shoulders and running at the park in los angelesCuddles and smiles are just the best!

sitting on daddy's shoulders is the best spot in the worldSeriously. These clothes that Mila is wearing are amazing. Gray tulle and glittery ballet slippers. I die!

playing with mom and dad on the steps in a pretty gray tulle dress

hugs and cuddles with mom and dad in beverly hillsI had to end with little blooper shot. So cute!

little girl climbing up the stairs in a tutu dress and ballet slippers


October 30, 2014

Fun Family Photography at Gibson Ranch

This is the perfect group to show you all just how much fun family photography at Gibson Ranch can be. We’ve been doing family portrait sessions together every year since I moved to Sacramento (almost seven years ago…wow). Gibson Ranch held a special significance for them, so we thought it would be a great spot for this year’s session. It was very windy that day so they threw the girls’ hair up and we got to running around and playing with it.

family holding hands and running down the hill at Gibson Ranch

The horse fences make a beautiful backdrop…and a fun climbing apparatus!

brother and sisters climb the white fence at Gibson Ranch

Here’s the star of the show, flying around in his Superman shirt – love it!

little boy flying around the Gibson Ranch field in his superman shirt

I’m a real softie for sweet moments between father and daughter. Her little hand on his face makes my heart skip a beat…

daddy and daughter snuggle for their picture at Gibson Ranch

Not much better than tickles and smiles!

tickles in the field at Gibson ranch make the best mother daughter smiles

The dock at Gibson Ranch makes a perfect “prop” for sunset shoots.

family picture on the dock over the pond at Gibson Ranch

Had to include a shot of their feet! This family wears Converse shoes at every session – so cute!

family wore converse shoes for their family portraits at gibson ranch

Princess dresses and Ring Around the Rosy at sunset. Doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

sisters play ring around the rosy under the weeping willow at gibson ranch

I always have so much fun with this family! Already looking forward to next year!