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May 12, 2013

Spring Maternity Session with Yellow Irises

Everything lined up just perfectly for this spring maternity session: a gorgeous couple, the perfect maxi dress, blooming yellow irises and that gorgeous afternoon light that makes me happy just thinking about it.

perfect light coming through the trees while couple walks in the field

Spring is so fleeting, so when we hit it right at that moment when the flowers are blooming, it makes me so thankful that the couple could have them included in their session.
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April 29, 2013

Sacramento Pregnancy Session by the River

This April marks my fifth year in business (yay!) and it reminds me to celebrate the families that have been with me since the beginning. These lovely people that you see below have had six sessions with me and we have yet another on the calendar to welcome their twins (yes, TWINS) to the world.

For their pregnancy session, we meandered down to the river on an overcast and somewhat cold day, but they brushed off the chill like champs and we came away with a set of images that I love.

looking amazing for her twins pregnancy maternity photography session

Oh, and a little brag for Katie  - she really does look this amazing in person! Every time I look at these pictures, I silently pray I will look even half as incredible as she looks when I’m pregnant (fat chance). Lol Click HERE to read more

March 19, 2013

Maternity Photos in the Spring

Maternity photos in the spring are one of my favorite sessions. There’s the excitement of the baby and the beautiful backgrounds and everything comes together so beautifully.

I drove down to Elk Grove for this shoot so that we could incorporate the family’s beautiful home. I got there a little early so I poked around the neighborhood looking for nice spots to take them to. Just down the street from their house was a driveway lined with pink blossoming trees. It was like heaven…

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February 25, 2013

River Pregnancy Portraits

Light like butter and honey mixed together…I couldn’t stop taking pictures…

pregnant mom standing in the river with gray dress and bridge in the background
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May 8, 2012

pond pregnancy portraits

This couple was cute beyond words — they’ve known each other since they were kids, but only really connected later on in life after he had become an attorney and she, a physician. I love that…it’s like they were destined for each other and now they are adding a third member to their team — how wonderful! Plus, they own two Boston Terriers, so they get an extra-special spot in my book. ;)

We struck out to a nearby pond. The sun was nice and low in the sky, perfect for the setting. We walked by this spot in the trees and it’s like it called my name, asking to be used for this very image. I think it’s one of my all-time favorites. I made such a dork out of myself when I took the picture…I distinctly remember doing a totally unfiltered dance when I saw it in the back of the camera, lol!

pregnancy portrait silhoutte kissing in the trees by the sacramento river pond

Even the ducks participated. What a pretty spot amongst the yellow flowers.

standing by the sacramento pond with yellow irises and ducks for pregnancy pictures

The gentleness of her hands on her perfect little belly — love it.

black and white pregnancy pictures in sacramento park

My favorite kind of “glowy” light.

husband and wife together for maternity images by the river in sacramento surrounded by trees and grass

sitting together in sacramento grassy field for maternity portraits

We captured a few in their back yard and I love how the curve of the pool draws the eye to her face and the image is sort of “cradled” by the trees and grass.

standing by the pool with blue dress for sacramento pregnancy portraits

Doing a little experimenting this week — which do you like the better, the images on the top or bottom? I’m playing with some new editing techniques…

film experiment for sacramento pregnancy portraits by the pool

Omg, I have so many more from this session that I LOVE! Can’t wait to share the rest with this lovely couple.