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September 9, 2014

Maternity Portraits at the Monte Verde Inn

Maggie and Colby were married at the Monte Verde Inn in Forest Hill, so it seemed only right to come back for their maternity portraits. Maggie is a pro (literally) at hair and makeup and she looked simply gorgeous for her pictures.

maternity pregnancy pictures on a little bridge at monte verde innColby was just the perfect guy, ready and willing to shower her with kisses.

maternity portrait in forest hill at monte verde inn

monte verde inn forest hill maternity photos with tall grassThe fountain outside the inn with the sun shining through was the perfect spot to show off her pretty baby bump.

autumn maternity pictures taken by the fountain at monte verde inn

lying on a blanket in the tall grass with a blue dress for pregnancy picturesMaggie brought along some very cute outfits, including a sequined dress and a blush-rose headband.

flapper style head band for her maternity portraits in forest hill

sequins and rose head band for maternity pictures in the sunset grassWhat a stunning couple! And oh-so-sweet! They are going to make wonderful parents!

September 2, 2014

Meant to Be

I’ve been photographing this family for several years now and when Renée told me she was pregnant with her third baby, I was genuinely thrilled! In my humble opinion, Renée is one of those people who is just meant to be a mom. She is so FULL of love, generosity and warmth and simply one of the nicest (and funniest) people I have had the fortune to meet. Watching her kids unfold into their own (also very funny) personalities has been such a joy and I look forward to meeting her newest little boy.

mom is stunning in her long white maxi dress for maternity portraits

mother and son crouch by the river to look for birds

mommy and daughter hugging and kissing for maternity portraits

Little Miss M is such a character and I always feel like we are best friends when I’m taking her picture. She’s super shy in front of the camera. Can’t you tell??? ;-)

pretty pink and blue dress for pictures on the river

And here’s her brother, who we all love to call “Moose” (I totally feel like I’m in the inner circle because I get to call him that!). He’s definitely not short on smiles either!

smiling face and big blue eyes in Carmichael

sibling portraits and little boy jumps up high

If they handed out awesome family awards, these folks would definitely be on my nomination list. Love you guys!!

June 17, 2014

Stunning Maternity Portraits in the Sunset Light

It’s not lost on me that my clients are entrusting me with something pretty big — capturing some of the most important events of their lives. I don’t take a single session for granted and try to put all of myself into each shoot that I do.  Although most sessions look like a walk in the park, the reality is, when working with children, we don’t always get the perfect cooperation that we would love to have…especially with toddlers…and particularly with twins. But between Mom, Dad and a very helpful grandma, we worked together to create a set of stunning maternity portraits in the beautiful Folsom sunset light. I mention it here because I speak to a lot of parents who don’t think the time is right for pictures because their kids are “wild” or “unruly”. The fact is, most kids are going to be a little (or a lot) wild and unruly for their shoot and that’s okay! I got my tricks. ;-)

pregnancy portrait with mom and dad and river in background

stunning pregnant mommy lying down for her maternity pictures

twin girls in pretty floral dresses in a field playing

hands on pregnant belly backlit with sunset light

family portraits with pregnant belly pink dresses and sunset light

mom in pink dress with twin daughter smiling

folsom maternity portraits in field with long grass

Fingers crossed I look this amazing when I’m pregnant with my third child! Haha – yeah right.

March 31, 2014

Outdoor Sunset Maternity Photos

A stunning couple. A beautiful location. This outdoor sunset maternity session was just perfect with these two, who are expecting their first baby in April. They were up for walking around, so we made stops by the elegant eucalyptus trees in the grassy spring field…

carmichael spring maternity photos

And stood in the river, surrounded by the blue-gray river rocks…

william b pond maternity portrait session images

And waded into the grassy field, being bathed in the gloriously warm and golden sunset light..

beautiful pregnancy portraits at sunset in the tall grass

Can’t forget a little close-up of her darling hot air balloon necklace!

hugging belly with hot air balloon necklace

We topped it off with a family picture of them and their first “baby” under the budding spring trees.

family portrait with the dog in a spring field with the sun setting behind

What a fun couple! I’m so happy for them and the new addition to the family!

March 27, 2014

Pretty Little Princess Pictures

You may remember some of these beautiful faces from their previous maternity and newborn sessions with me. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are expecting their second child (a little boy) in April so we celebrated the occasion with a fun maternity session by the river on a cloudy day in March. We thought we’d sneak in a few cute pictures of my niece, Olivia, in her stunning little princess dress, and then this happened…


crouched down in a marilyn monroe pose

And we played a little “Let it Go” on the iPhone to capture some of her sweet dance moves.

dancing to "let it go" in her princess dress

Olivia is still so little (she turns two at the end of March) and seeing her standing alongside her mommy here, just makes my heart do a little flip.

family portraits with mommy and daughter and a navajo blanket

Since my family is from LA, we wanted to pick a spot that they wouldn’t be able to easily find down there. The river in town is so low these days that we can walk right out in to the middle of it and include the beautiful rocks and water.  It made a perfect spot for some family portraits and playing by the water’s edge.

daughter being thrown in the air with pregnant mommy at william b pond

daddy cuddles and kisses by the river family portraits

pregnancy pictures in sacramento

wild little niece doing the splits for family pictures

Looking forward to visiting them in LA next month for their newborn portraits!