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March 14, 2014

Teen Birthday Present Portraits in a Field

It’s a brilliant girl who asks for a portrait session with her closest friends for her 14th birthday. How fun is that???

girlfriends together for birthday picture fun

That’s Maggie (the birthday girl) on the left — love this fun and candid shot!

best friends hug with natural smiles for this girls portrait session

This group of girls was the best! They were up for anything, including climbing trees… (see below)

natural candid group picture for teenage birthday shoot


friends together in a big field for birthday pictures

This field was an ideal location, complete with good climbing trees and lovely golden grass.

the girls climbed a tree for their birthday group picture

There giggling smiles are the best!

shot from above for an aerial group photo

I just said, “How about some hair-flipping pictures?” and they were all about it! Lol The perfect closing to this awesome birthday shoot.

flipping hair is fun in the field

November 4, 2013

Best of Fall Photography Sessions

Here is a fun “Best of Fall Photography Sessions” post for all of you out there who have been thinking about booking a photo shoot for your family this autumn. Sacramento is such a beautiful city for capturing the colors of the changing foliage. It truly is quite magical when the temperature starts to drop and the leaves turn yellow, orange and red…

Let’s go run around this Midtown park in the afternoon sunlight…

brother and sister holding hands and running through the autumn trees

Or maybe you’d like a local session walking around your own neighborhood?

family portrait in front of red volkswagen on a fall day and red sweater

Visit your kid’s favorite playground and get some candid pictures with dad

daddy pushing his son on a swing on a crisp fall day

For all of you dog-lovers out there, autumn is the perfect season for having a pet photography session with your pups.

autumn pet portraits in front of colorful yellow tree

Childhood almost doesn’t seem complete without apple orchard family photos!

family fall photographs at the orchard with apples

Play fun games with dad, running through the fallen leaves…

daddy chasing his son through the autumn leaves

Incorporate your pumpkins from Halloween…

baby with big orange pumpkin for her portraits

It’s not quite Sacramento, but maybe you’d like to capture some family portraits in front of the Golden Gate Bridge?

san francisco fall family pictures

What better way to celebrate your pregnancy than with pictures? Capture your baby bump this fall with stunning autumn colors.

tree leaf over pregnant belly and orange dress

Who wouldn’t love to get all of the cousins together for a fall kids photography session on a farm.

ring around the rosy with cousins

Let’s meet up Downtown at the State Capitol for your baby’s one-year session.

yellow sweater fallen leaves wagon

Don’t forget our fur-friends! Capture some fun family autumn photos that include your dog.

family pictures with pup in front of red tree

Do you have some ADORABLE outfits you’ve been dying to dress the kids in?

brothers at the apple orchard sweaters and hats

Document your kids’ natural expressions for their photo shoot at Apple Hill

brother and sister in the orchard picking apples

Show the world how much you love each other with some cozy family portraits in a big pile of leaves…

cozy family picture in the fallen leaves

Kick your shoes off, relax, and let those smiles shine…

feet kicked up in the afternoon sun

Let’s scamper off to your local park where all of that great fall color is just waiting to be captured!

autumn colors fall leaves with sweaters for fall

If you’re looking for examples of beautiful fall family outfit ideas, here’s a great one to check out:

great outfits for fall family photo

If you’re due to have your baby in the fall, why not incorporate the lovely colorful surroundings at the same time? We used this darling vintage basket and walked around the family’s property, working the fallen birch leaves into the pictures.

newborn baby in a basket in the fall leaves

Get cuddly in front of the stunning fall foliage and add some color to your walls!

white fence yellow leaves autumn

If you’ve been thinking about doing senior portraits, El Dorado Hills offers some beautiful fall colors.

senior portraits in the orange sunset sky

Want to see more? Here’s another fun autumn family portrait session in El Dorado Hills.

Recognize these two? This image was selected for the cover of the November 2012 issue of Sacramento Parent Magazine.

magazine cover for sacramento parent mag jill carmel 2012

And who could resist this adorable family in front of the Volkswagen? They were selected for the October 2012 issue of Sacramento Parent Magazine.

red and stripes for sacramento parent  magazine jill carmel 2012

Here is a recent love note from a long-term client:

“AMAZING!!!….that’s all I can say! One would think after working with you for 5 years and knowing your talent and dedication, I would still not be surprised by your talent every time we receive the gallery but I am. You never cease to amaze me. I love them all!  Thank you for being a part our lives and capturing our kids special personalities. It means the world to me! Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication to providing us with exceptional pictures and service!”  — Jaime

Call or email to book your fall family portrait session today! Connect with us at or call 916.933.8352.

June 11, 2013

Photo-Ready Outfits in Old Sacramento

When I pulled up to the meeting spot, I knew this was the family I was looking for because they were looking amazing in their awesome photo-ready outfits. They did such a great job at “coordinating without matching” which I’m always encouraging my customers to do. They picked a blue, yellow, white and gray color scheme which had just the right amount of pop for their Old Sacramento family photography session.

Here are the three brothers showing off their awesome posing skills — they did this on their own — how cool are they???

brothers showing off their handsome smiles during their old sacramento photoshoot

And cracking up over giving the camera some attitude. Ha!

three brothers giving some attitude to the camera

Mom is on the left with her sister on the right. Loving her bright pink lipstick!

two sisters together for their photo shoot, perfect in pink lipstick and a yellow dress

Love the colors against the red brick.

old sacramento family portraits

These five pull off this candid walking shot like old pros.

family walking casually for their candid photos

The boys love their auntie — but she’s pretty cool so it makes sense!

perfect in their color combination of blues, grays and yellows

Their clothing color scheme was just perfect for taking pictures in front of the bridge, a Sacramento landmark.

with the sun shining behind them, the family poses for their picture in front of the bridge

And then the light turned green and the cars started rolling up (while I was standing in the middle of the intersection). Ha! What a fun moment!

but then the cars came and they all were laughing and running out of the crosswalk

I had such a blast with this family!

October 15, 2012

natural, organic senior portraits

I admit it…it’s a crime how long it has been since I last posted a session on here. It seems these days that the amount I blog is a sign of how busy things are around here. It’s definitely been a year of growth for me so far and there’s no sign of slowing down by the look of my fall calendar, lol! That being said, I just had to take a moment this evening to share this session with you all.

I’ve known Sam for probably about four years now. I photographed her family soon after I opened my business in 2008 and then did her older sister’s senior portraits a couple years after that. For Sam, we picked out a pretty spot in Folsom and had an amazing time. I wanted to do something very natural and organic for Sam: something that complimented her long blond hair and (seriously) stunning green eyes. She was so confident and stylish — she makes my job look easy.

The rowing crew passed right behind us as we took this shot. Love that.


July 11, 2012

natural and relaxed high school senior portraits in sacramento

I’ve been dying to blog these natural high school senior portraits since the moment I downloaded them to my computer. Everything was perfect – the late afternoon light, the lakeside location, but most of all — Nicole. She brought her beautiful smile, bubbly energy and great sense of style to the session. I’m thrilled with the results!

Nicole lives out in Montana but often spends her summers in Auburn. This year, we coordinated so that she could have her senior portraits taken while she was in town. When we first talked, she asked for what almost every teen requests when they come my way: natural senior portraits that don’t look fake or over-retouched. I guess there are a lot of studios out there doing really heavy retouching, which is too bad because girls are just SO beautiful at this age, it would be a shame to distort that with photoshop after-effects. I try and take pictures that I would have wanted for my own senior portraits: natural, fun and relaxed. I love using light and angles (instead of a bunch of Photoshop) to show these girls just how stunning they truly are.

When I arrived, Nicole had about ten outfits laid out on the floor, color-coordinated and complete with all of the accessories we could ever want. I’ve only included a few of them in this post, but she definitely gets some extra “points” for being so creative!

high school senior sitting in a blue old fashioned truck for her portraits in sacramento

This amazing vintage turquoise truck was parked on the property, so we HAD to take pictures with it. This image is one of MANY that we took with that truck. I couldn’t get enough of it, lol!

big bright smile from this high school senior in her natural relaxed senior portraits

Love those waves! Nicole had her hair and makeup done just before the session and she looked stunning.

found an old red vintage trailer which went perfectly with the denim shirt in this senior portraitWe also got to use a vintage trailer that was on the property. The rusty reds go perfectly with her denim shirt.

high school senior in Auburn sitting on the dock with the sun glowing behind herGoodness…she’s so beautiful! Her smile, the dress, the light — love it all! She looks like she’s straight out of an Anthropologie catalogue!

We took a little side-trip into Downtown Auburn. There are so many great little spots hidden away in town like this old brick wall that made a nice textured backdrop for her pictures.

a hot-pink shirt and a beautiful smile for her sacramento senior portraits

And this lattice wall was a great visual element for some fun, relaxed images.

done for the day in her pink blouse and a cool lattice wall behind her in sacramento california‘Tis the season for high school senior portraits! If you’d like to book a session with me, shoot me an email at or call us at 916.933.8352. If you liked this session, check out this fun and relaxed teen session.

Thank you, Nicole, for being your amazing self! I love these pictures of you. :)

Update: Nicole sent me this after seeing her pictures: “We are so happy! I love them all :) They are exactly what I wanted! You are such an amazing photographer. You’re definitely the reason they turned out so good!”

And then a few weeks later her mom wrote: “We just received the pictures, disc and cards today. Thank you sooooooooooo much. We just love everything and are so pleased with [the] pictures. You are just wonderful and we are certainly spreading the word to our friends back in California. Good luck in your business although I don’t think you really need luck. You have the talent and spirit to be successful. Take care and we hope to meet again some day.”

Haha – they are so sweet!