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April 14, 2011 |

Clothing & Outfit Ideas For Your Family Portraits

So there you are: You’ve just booked a session and you’re starting to think about clothing and outfit ideas for your family portraits, and you’re asking yourself, “What do we wear?” Well, I’m on the J. Crew website a lot…but like, a lot, a lot, so I figured, “Why not put all that viewing time to good use?” So I went ahead and took some screen shots of a few spring outfit option for some inspiration on what to wear for your portrait session.

Here are a few ideas that I pulled together tonight, perfect for a spring shoot. And please note, I’m fully aware that none of us actually look like this, BUT, we can pretend, can’t we??? Oh, and it’s always fun to throw a little bit of “handsome lumberjack-model type” into the mix:

outfits for family portraitsMix colors and textures to keep it visually interesting, but stick to a basic color scheme to keep it from getting out of control. The set above works with blue, gold and rust. The one below is really only two colors (coral and navy), but using different variations of the same colors.

clothing ideas for portrait sessionsAnd don’t forget to accessorize! Necklaces, belts, scarves and cardigans can go a long way for adding variation to your pictures.

Let me know if you like this “clothing concepts” kind of post and I will do more of them for you. Also, thinking of doing one with framing ideas for your walls. Thoughts?

– J

  1. Shana

    I LOVED this post and I would love to see more of this!! Also loving the idea of a framing ideas post too!! Thanks, and I love your photography!

  2. Pinky

    Love it =) And just wanted to say I love your work!

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