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August 24, 2010 |

Los Angeles Newborn Portraits

I love traveling to Los Angeles for my newborn portrait photography sessions (and for any reason really), but I would’ve flown anywhere for this little guy. He happens to hold a very special place in my heart since he is the first son of two very good friends of mine.

This first shot makes my heart do a flip. What a perfect moment for a smile!

los angeles newborn portraits

He’s quite a handsome little fellow if I do say so myself!

newborn baby curled up and sleepy

Cuddle time on the sofa with dad. I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots. It’s often that it’s these intimate moments that end up being my favorites.

a little cuddle on the sofa with dad

These two are such a team at everything that they do. This shot describes them so well — always playing with one another and having fun with life. It shows their excitement over their new little guy perfectly!

mom and dad celebrate over their new baby

And as the sun set low in the sky, we took advantage of the beautiful evening light. A little kiss, a little snuggle with Grandma. Congratulations you two — you are already amazing parents and I feel truly honored to be part of documenting this time in your lives.

  1. Sabrina Michele

    Wow…these pictures are breathtaking Jill! I cannot tell you how amazing these are! I love the intimacy and the emotion you captured so effortlessly in these pictures. The blog is beautiful…and what a perfect first post! 🙂



    P.S. Once Tom and I start our family…you can be sure I’ll be giving you a call! 😉

  2. admin

    Sabrina, I look forward to photographing your family. Love your tweets, BTW!

  3. Johanna Petersen

    Sooo beautiful! What a cute happy little guy! I can’t wait to meet him

  4. Emily Noll

    Gorgeous photographs of a gorgeous family – thanks so much for posting these!!!

  5. Mo

    OH MY GOD!!! That first pic of Jason and Owen is simply amazing! I love Owen’s little smile and that they are touching noses! Ok…it’s time for #3!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful pictures, Jill. If I ever have another one I’ll have to have you AND Jenna do newborn pictures! Just gorgeous! Makes my heart melt!

  6. Liza

    These are beautiful Jill! I love the Grandma shot!!! Give’s me a great idea for the next one 😉

  7. jenna bowles

    Ahese are beautiful Jill! And your site looks great! (Love Bueller at the bottom.)

  8. Kate

    This makes me really wish I knew this couple so I could meet that little guy! I can feel all that love just radiating from these, your stuff really brightens my cloudy Ohio days! Thanks so much for sharing and warm wishes to the new parents!

  9. Allie LeBaron

    Awwwwww. These are AWESOME Jill!!! I am so darn happy for Jason and Lauren. And so happy you were there to document this for them. xoxo

  10. Christine

    As usual, you have captured the fun, the love, and the sweetness. You take the cuteness of babies to a whole other level!! I love these pictures. I’d want them and they are not even of my family! Love the yellow balloon!

  11. Kathleen Williams

    I really love that even though these are “baby pics”, they include the whole family. You have captured the family dynamic and interaction beautifully in these images. Of course, the first one with baby and dad touching noses is adorable and poignant. The second one is lovely, showing the new parents fawning over their amazing new gift. I absolutely love the black and white image! The emotion you have captured is fantastic. One can’t help but smile when they look at it. Keep on clicking!

  12. admin

    Kathleen, what a sweet comment – thank you! They were wonderful people to work with.

  13. gribouille

    Hello! I’m french and i don’t speak english very well but i just want to say this family is so beautifull, i’m a french fan of Jason, welcome Owen!

  14. gribouille

    Hello! I’m french and i don’t speak english very well but i just want to say this family is so beautifull, welcome Owen!

  15. Kris

    Oh, THIS. Welcome, Owen, and many congrats, Jason and Lauren! He’s gorgeous!!!

  16. Rusty Bader

    Nothing like the love a baby brings into the world….. Let the phenomenal journey begin.
    Congratulations to Jason & Lauren, they know we love them and their new son.


  17. lynnrxgal

    Tender and intimate beyond words! Jason, Lauren and Owen are such a beautiful family! I hope that they seize the wonderful moments in this new life of theirs. For those of us who have grown kids, we can tell you to revel in every moment, even when you are about ready to tear our your hair!

  18. Ashley

    Congrats to Jason and Lauren. He is a beautiful little boy and as they say, couldn’t happen to two nicer people. The photos are stunning as well. Thanks for sharing them

  19. Nancy Reynolds

    What fabulous pictures! Has there ever been a more adorable family? Baby Owen is beautiful, and Lauren and Jason and Grandma look ecstatic! I would be too. Happiest congratulations to all! Thanks for sharing the joy!

  20. news

    Many blessings to Jason, Lauren and Grandmom. Such a beautiful “angel.” To the little one “peace and much love to you, always. ” Jill…you are the “Maestro. ” Such beautful photographs. Keep those pictures flowing.

  21. Sandy

    Such a beautiful baby. Congratulations to Jason, Lauren and Grandmom. Beautiful photography Jill. All of them are quite lovely. The black and white picture steals my heart away. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Claire Eyles

    Oh how precious. These photos are gorgeous, and little Owen is beautiful. Many, many congratulations to the proud parents.

  23. Kathi Peterson

    sighh..just lovely! what a beautiful baby!! congratulations to Jason and Lauren..and Welcome to Baby Owen!! i hope he grows to know that he is loved worldwide..just like his wonderful parents !! best wishes!! xx

  24. Karen

    Absolutely GORGEOUS pictures! It is so wonderful to see such a happy family. Jason, Lauren & Owen are just adorable together. I love the picture of Jason holding Owen in his lap.
    In the spirit of a group I’m a member of – ‘we welcome Owen with the gift of creativity – so that he may live a life full of everthing the world has to offer’.
    Congratulations Jason & Lauren

  25. géraldine

    JE NE PAS parle anglais , MAIS JE tenais à feliciter les parents . J’aime bcp Jason Dohring et j’espère De tout coeur qu’il décrochera des rôles au cinéma importans , voiture il discret FAIT SE . j’espère Que tourne la chance verser Lui MAIS En attendant , JE Lui souhaite boucoup de bonheur DANS CE rôle nouveau de papa , HNE Qui certainement le Meilleur qu’il ACI de l’UE . Tous le bonheur du monde et a la maman féclicitation verser Porter AVOIR des Nations Unies si joli enfant . Plein de bonheur en Tout CAS et Jason , se réjouit le ciné de te voir au !
    merci de faire UNO zz photos CES , d’Ailleurs Qui Les à postée , ILS Ont engagé de l’ONU photographe pro?

    “I do not speak English, but I have to congratulate the parents. I like Jason Dohring very much and hope with all my heart that he will embark upon some important movie roles, a distinct (or distinguished) part. I hope good luck comes to him, but, in the meantime, I wish him happiness in this new role of Dad which is certainly the best. All the happiness in the world and to the mother for having carried such a pretty child. Full of happiness, in any case (I hope)Jason rejoins the movies for us to see him again. Thank you for making the photos for UNO zz and for posting them. Did you use a professional ONU photographer?”

  26. Tory

    And another welcome to Baby Owen, and congrats to Lauren and Jason (Lauren gets top billing this time, as she did the majority of the work on this “project” 😉 ) and Jill, this family is SO lucky to have had you as a photographer to capture these precious moments in their lives. Good work, all of you!

  27. Kerstin

    This is so cute, so absolutelly breathtakin. The first pic skipped my heartbeat. Owen is so cute and his parents seems to be so lucky. Many congrats to the Family and all the best. Much love from Germany <3

  28. Christy

    These are gorgeous. Earlier this year, I worked as an extra on Jason’s new movie “Searching for Sonny”. I knitted baby mittens and hat for Owen. Jason seemed very excited about his impending fatherhood.

  29. Jessica Sterling

    Jill, Such beautiful shots! Wow! Such a wonderful couple and beautiful child. -Jess

  30. Donna Stratton

    Thank you for sharing your incredibly beautiful photographs of the happy family. Baby Owen is truly adorable. Congratulations to Jason and Lauren and all their family. May they be Blessed always with the best of health and an overflowing abundance of Happiness always. -Donna

  31. Susan j. sager

    I stumbled upon this site and I am so very glad for this couple. The first baby for them, always the most exciting time. May they always be blessed with happiness.

  32. Tammy

    Gorgeous pictures, and touching. What an absolutely beautiful and lucky family.

  33. Tina

    Congratulations Jason and Lauren! That boy is beautiful and the first picture just makes me melt inside.

  34. teresa

    What awesome pictures of a beautiful family! Congratulations and blessings!

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  36. Dyann Burian

    I”m sooooo happy for Jason and Lauren, and little Owen is the most adorable baby ever!
    These photos are stunning!
    And thanks so much for sharing them with the fans who care so much for Jason!
    Every happiness in the world to this beautiful family!

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  38. Lisa Alsadi


  39. marilyn

    Beautiful pictures thanks for letting your fans see these moments. Congratulations to you both

  40. yanjing

    Hi,I’m a Chinese fan of Jason. What a lovely baby ! Congratulations to Jason and Lauren !

  41. riki

    congratulations, jason and lauren. those pictures are so gorgeous, what a lovely baby!!!

  42. Liv

    All my wishes to the parents, Jason & Lauren seems to be such good persons and they’ll be amazing parents, Owen is a really cute baby. I wish them all the happiness of the world, tons of kisses & endless love. God bless them all.

  43. Liv

    Oh and the pics are wonderful, you’re very talented, Jill, congrats!

  44. florence

    congratulations to Jason and Lauren and best wishes of happiness! This small family is magnificent and pictures are very beautiful. Thanks to Jason and Lauren to make share their happiness to all their fans !!!!
    Full of kisses on behalf on a fan french

  45. lee

    these photos are so amazing captured wonderfully. such a cute family.

  46. Trina

    I came to this website via searching for information regarding Jason Dohring on Supernatural. I am so pleased stumbled upon these pictures, they are simply breathtaking. You are such a talented photographer, and the subjects capture the joys of new parenthood so beautifully. I also had to smile a little to learn the little tike’s name is Owen – that is my son’s name as well. <3

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