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My Pinterest boards have exploded with all sorts of new clothing concepts and ideas for what to wear for your family portraits this summer! H&M in particular has provided some really great color schemes to use as a guide for creating outfits for your family.

Here are a few of my favorites which you can also find by clicking HERE.

Women | Summer 2012

what to wear women summer 2012

Men | Summer 2012

what to wear men summer 2012

Boys | Summer 2012

what to wear summer boy 2012

Girls | Summer 2012

what to wear girls summer 2012

To take it one step further, I’ve also put together a few color coordinated boards that show how to mix and match clothing, while staying within a basic color scheme. Here’s an example of the rose + mint collection, but also make sure to check out the blue + gold and yellow + gray collections. What colors make up your favorite clothing color scheme for family portrait outfits?

what to wear mint rose summer 2012