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Things are slowly returning to normal and places are opening up again, but this shoot was taken a year ago and it had been 2 months of zero photo-shoots. It broke my heart when this family booked a newborn session and we weren’t allowed to get together in person. But I had a bright idea! I called them on video chat and made sure they had another phone handy. Dad gave me a tour of their home and we picked the rooms with the best light. Then, I helped direct them on what to do and how to angle their camera phone while they took pictures. Dad would point the video feed at the screen of their other phone so I could see it. Together, we took pictures. Even though these weren’t taken with my professional camera, this family will still have a beautiful reminder of their sweet baby girl at 10 days old.

Newborn baby lying on black shaggy dog shot with phone camera Sacramento

The comfiest pillow of all.

Newborn baby swaddled and lying in bed and close up of bay feet being held shot by camera phone SacramentoBig sister hugging newborn baby on bed shot with camera phone Sacramento

…did we just become BFFs?

Big sister smiling big and directly at camera with newborn baby next to her shot with camera phone Sacramento

Bright eyes. Bright smile.

Closeup of newborn tiny feet being held by hands shot by camera phone

The teeniest feet!

Dad holding newborn nose to nose in Sacramento home shot by camera phone

Eskimo kisses.

Big sister kissing newborn baby on head while lying on bed shot by camera phone Mom giving newborn baby kisses shot on camera phone Sacramento

The tiniest sleepy baby smile.

Big sister hugging newborn baby on bed shot by camera phone Sacramento

Just a reminder that we can do incredible things if we have enough hope (and teamwork)!

Let’s make more memories this year.

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