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When I pulled up to the meeting spot, I knew this was the family I was looking for because they were looking amazing in their awesome photo-ready outfits. They did such a great job at “coordinating without matching” which I’m always encouraging my customers to do. They picked a blue, yellow, white and gray color scheme which had just the right amount of pop for their Old Sacramento family photography session.

Here are the three brothers showing off their awesome posing skills — they did this on their own — how cool are they???

brothers showing off their handsome smiles during their old sacramento photoshoot

And cracking up over giving the camera some attitude. Ha!

three brothers giving some attitude to the camera

Mom is on the left with her sister on the right. Loving her bright pink lipstick!

two sisters together for their photo shoot, perfect in pink lipstick and a yellow dress

Love the colors against the red brick.

old sacramento family portraits

These five pull off this candid walking shot like old pros.

family walking casually for their candid photos

The boys love their auntie — but she’s pretty cool so it makes sense!

perfect in their color combination of blues, grays and yellows

Their clothing color scheme was just perfect for taking pictures in front of the bridge, a Sacramento landmark.

with the sun shining behind them, the family poses for their picture in front of the bridge

And then the light turned green and the cars started rolling up (while I was standing in the middle of the intersection). Ha! What a fun moment!

but then the cars came and they all were laughing and running out of the crosswalk

I had such a blast with this family!

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