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This is a very interesting time we are living in! When the shelter in place orders are lifted and normal life resumes, this will be nothing but history. What could be a better time to get your creative juices flowing and start keeping a “quarantine scrapbook”. It could even be an interesting art project to do with the kids. Here are some tips to help you create your own time capsule of this experience using photography.


Get a Scrapbook

Maybe you have one you purchased earlier or you could even use a simple notebook. If you don’t have something to use, support a small online business by purchasing something like the album above through Etsy. Find a scrapbook that will fit your pictures but that also leaves some room to write something.

Keep it Simple

Use your phone to take photos or even a polaroid camera, but no need for a fancy camera. If you’re not using a polaroid camera, print the photos on your printer, or, when stores open up later, you can print them on photo paper and add them after.

Tell A Story

Leave space on every page to write a small story about the photograph you pasted there. It could be what you did that day, something your child said or just how you felt.

Get Creative with Your Photography

Maybe take a family portrait through a window in your home or of an empty street that’s normally buzzing with cars. Get photos that represent the time and how your family lived during this time.

Keep each page somewhere safe and in order. When the time comes, pull all the pages out and bind them. Display it on a shelf or keep it safe in a closet for when your kids ask you about it for their history class.

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