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I’ve found that the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know, so I’m always hungry for learning. Since starting my business, I have invested in at least one major educational experience every year, just to make sure that I’m continuously growing as an artist, as well as being able to offer my customers something new and fresh. With that in mind, I took a little trip down to San Diego this week to attend, what I consider to be, THE best workshop in the country when it comes to photographing newborn babies. Our teachers, Carrie and Brit, have been doing this for years now and have it down to a science. Here is just a handful of what I came away with from the two days that I spent with them in their natural light studio.









Here’s a wide-shot of all of the attendees watching Carrie and Brit set up for the last shot of the day (the one of the baby with the little bear cub hat on in the grass above). It was a whirlwind of learning, and I am excited to be back with a bunch of new “tools in my belt”. I hope to share some of them soon since my calendar is covered with due dates!

Until then,