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When I was a kid, I LOVED collections. I had sets of sea glass, stickers, stamps, playing cards, rocks…and even dirt (well, it was dirt from different parts of the world, which makes it a little cooler, no? haha). When I discovered Pinterest, it was perfect because I could collect all of the fun and inspiring things I found on the internet all in one place (minus the heavy box of rocks that I have to lug around every time I move, lol!).

What is Pinterest? It is a virtual “pinboard” that lets you organize and share all of the inspiring and fun things you find on the web. You can use it to plan an upcoming photo shoot, collect ideas for decorating your home, or even organize your favorite recipes.

Want to be on Pinterest? It’s easy — the first thing to do is request an invite. Pinterest is invite-only right now, so email me if you’d like to start an account at

I love to use Pinterest to create inspiration boards for each different kind photography session that I might have: maternity, newborn, baby, family, and teens. You can also create your own inspiration board and share it with me so that we can be on the same page for your session.

Trying to think of what to wear for your maternity session? Check out the pregnancy inspiration board on my Pinterest page:



Wondering how to display the portraits you purchased? Come on over to my wall display ideas board:



Not sure where to start when it comes to clothing? It works best to start with one outfit and base the others on it. Here some ideas on my What to Wear – Women board:

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And once you get totally obsessed good at using it, you can have Pinterest on your iPhone like me…

If you’re already on Pinterest, leave me a comment letting me know how you like to use it.