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When you are preparing for a family or maternity photo shoot, there can be a lot of questions going through your mind. What are we going to wear? How should we coordinate our outfits? How should I style my hair? Also, one of the more common questions among women is, how should I do my makeup?

If you are struggling with how to do your make-up, here are five makeup tips that you can concentrate on to help you achieve a flawless look in all your photographs.

The first and foremost feature I suggest focusing on is your eyes. Like most photographers, I focus my camera on your eyes. People do say the eyes are the window to the soul! So dress those beauties up with well-defined eyelashes using a dark mascara and some natural looking eye shadow.

clean makeup tips for your photo shoot

Lashes and lids are not the only thing that can provide flawless photos. If you are tired or have been up all night with the baby, a bit of concealer under the eyes does a lot to brighten up the face, hiding any bags or dark circles you may have.

My third tip is to focus on your skin’s overall appearance. Keep your skin well hydrated with moisturizer and/or light foundation for a beautiful, fresh look.

Don’t forget to keep those lips moisturized! A fun shade of glossy lipstick looks beautiful, but chapstick works, too! (Remember to skip anything with glitter in it since it turns out looking like white specks in pictures.)

Whatever you do, be sure to bring your makeup with you for touch-ups throughout the photo session. We want every photo to be as beautiful as you are.


P.S. – I’m currently crushing Ilia Beauty which carries a beautiful line of clean makeup, perfectly for that dewy look we all love.

[Image credit: Ilia Beauty]

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