Image by Jenna Elliott

One thing lies at the bottom of everything that I do: I love making people happy. Since I was a little girl, I have always sought to bring out the smiles and the laughs and to really SEE the true and unique individual in front of me.

After eight years of working in the photography industry in Los Angeles, I decided I wanted to specialize in something that got right to the heart of bringing happiness to others, so I asked people, “What brings happiness to you?” And can you guess what the top two answers were? Beautiful art and children.

The equation was simple: art + kids = happiness

So in 2008, I opened Jill Carmel Photography and began specializing in natural light photography of babies, kids, teens and families. My goal was not just to take photographs — I wanted to create a little more joy in this big ol’ world.

Through my work, my hope is that when you look at the pictures on your walls, go through your family albums, or share your greeting cards, that you smile, and your friends smile, and your hearts and heads are filled with that warm-fuzzy feeling that sends you through your day with an extra little kick in your step.

I want to capture your family just as they are, with all of their quirks, curiosities, and expressions. I don’t do a lot of posing, I won’t ask your kids to force a smile or say cheese and I certainly won’t leave until I feel I’ve gotten a set of stunning images that will make your heart sing and put a smile on your face.

But that’s enough about me. I look forward to finding out more about you.

About Jill

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