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September 26, 2013

What to Wear | Fall 2013 | Neutrals + Color Pop

Don’t know where to start when it comes to picking out what to wear for your fall photo shoot? The theme for this season is neutrals and, if you’re feeling a little wild, you can toss in a pop of color for some added visual interest.

A few quick tips to keep in mind when putting your family’s wardrobe together:

1) What colors would look good on your walls? Look around your home and think about where you might display your portraits. Notice what colors would complement the decor in those rooms and use that as a starting point for your clothing palette.

2) Pretend you’re creating a single (slightly busy) outfit. Lay all of the clothes out on the bed (or a neutral background like a sofa or your carpet) to make sure everything is playing well together.

3) Use your favorite piece as an anchor. It could be a blouse for mom or dress for your daughter, but you can use it as an anchor for the outfits for the rest of the family. Let’s say it’s a cute blue and white polka dot dress for your youngest daughter; you can build your other pieces off of that: a dark gray sweater for dad, a white blouse for mom and navy blue shorts for your son.

Combining neutrals is a simple, yet classic, option when dressing your family for their photography session. Plus, the resulting images will easily fit in with your home decor.

what to wear clothing outfits wardrobe fall 2013 photo shoot for mom

what to wear clothing outfits wardrobe fall 2013 photo shoot for dad

what to wear clothing outfits wardrobe fall 2013 photo shoot for girls

what to wear clothing outfits wardrobe fall 2013 photo shoot for boys

what to wear clothing outfits wardrobe fall 2013 photo shoot baby

Want to add a pop of color? Pair neutrals with one of these on-trend color options.

what to wear clothing outfits wardrobe fall 2013 photo shoot family emerald green

what to wear clothing outfits wardrobe fall 2013 photo shoot family red


You can also throw in some added color with a hair bow, fun socks or a scarf!

Happy shopping!

– Jill

*Images via Little Nest Pinterest


September 12, 2013

Family Portraits in a Grassy Field Filled with Oak Trees

Each year I add a few more amazing locations to my “rolodex” of spots, and one my newer favorites is this spot for family portraits in a grassy field filled with oak trees. It’s beautiful all year round, even in the middle of summer when the grass is dry – I think I may even like it best when the grass is dry because of the beautiful golden light that gets splashed all around.

This adorable family first came to me for their maternity pictures and I got to learn all about how they met and their plans for the future. After another session for their new baby boy, I feel so lucky to see them again for their six-month session before they whisked themselves off to their new home near the coast a few days after this shoot.

blue and white outfits for fall portraits in sacramento field with oak trees

It can be fun documenting the interactions between siblings – these two just adore each other!

big sister makes her little brother laugh in his baby tweed suit

Mom did an amazing job on the outfits, perfectly mixing patterns, textures and colors. Her floral dress crossed with sister’s polka dot leggings and brother’s little tweed suit – love it!

big sister runs around and gets a piggy back ride from her dad amongst the oak trees in sacramento

Both mom and dad work for VW, so we had to include some beetles in the pictures (check out the blanket he’s lying on). And that face with those rosy cheeks — oh my goodness!

little brother giggles on a blanket covered with vw bugs

She started off a little shy, but turned into little miss model after she saw how much fun we were having.

gorgeous big sister with curly hair and cute white tank top

Such a fun family! I can’t wait to see them again for their one-year shoot!


June 19, 2013

Family Portraits with an Autistic Child

A few times a year, a parent will call in to ask if I am comfortable photographing their family along with their son or daughter who has autism and I tell them, “Yes!” I’ve been very fortunate to have photographed a number of families with autistic children, and one child in particular has made quite a name for himself here in Sacramento. I wanted to take a moment to feature him and allow you all to follow his story.

Meet Jack. At the time this picture was taken (August 2012), he was just beginning a new relationship with Biscuit, his very own adopted service dog.

jack petersen with service dog biscuit

Quoting a 2012 article from Dandelion Magazine: “Jack calls Biscuit his ‘posse,’ explaining, ‘Biscuit has my back at school.’ The duo are inseparable. ‘Biscuit knows Jack is his boy,’ [Jack's mom] says.”

jack and biscuit are best friends hanging out in Old Sacramento

And here is Biscuit in all of his charming and lovable glory. Biscuit came to the Petersen family via Good Dog!, a San Jose organization that trains and places autism service dogs.

biscuit service dog photography in sacramento

Here is the rest of Jack’s family. This image is from their holiday family portraits last year. The gorgeous woman in red below is the talented Jill Petersen, owner of Sacramento’s best full service salon, Byuti Salon and Spa. Jill has been my stylist for a little over four years now and I adore her. Plus, we have the same name, so that doesn’t hurt. Lol

family portrait with jack and guide dog

Jack has been featured in two issues of Sacramento’s Dandelion Magazine in the last couple of years. I’ve only told you part of the story. To read more about his adventure thus far, click on the two images below.

From Winter 2011:

instadog instafriendship article and photos about jack autism

From Winter 2012:

article about autism Jack and his service dog

March 19, 2013

Maternity Photos in the Spring

Maternity photos in the spring are one of my favorite sessions. There’s the excitement of the baby and the beautiful backgrounds and everything comes together so beautifully.

I drove down to Elk Grove for this shoot so that we could incorporate the family’s beautiful home. I got there a little early so I poked around the neighborhood looking for nice spots to take them to. Just down the street from their house was a driveway lined with pink blossoming trees. It was like heaven…

maternity portraits spring season

maternity photos in front of a row of pink blossoming trees in the springSuch a gorgeous couple.

getting cozy in front of the pink spring flowers for the pregnancy sessionBig Sis is five years old and super excited about her new baby brother.

big sister hugging little brother in the belly

big sister laughing and giggling for the cameraThen we found a mustard field which is so quintessentially spring. I love how the color of her dress pops up against the yellow flowers.

the yellow flowers in spring are so pretty for maternity sessionsI love getting to know families like this before the baby arrives and then things are that much more intimate for the baby’s session.  Can’t wait to see these three again soon!

January 19, 2013

brother and sister winter portraits | el dorado hills

I thought you’d enjoy these brother and sister winter portraits in El Dorado Hills. One of my favorite things to photograph is a sequence of events. Sure, you could do that with video, but there’s something special about freezing that expression in time — it seems to show more in a still photo than it does even in real life.

At first everything was very proper (omg…I love, love her little dimple and his missing tooth!).

at first brother and sister sit together perfectly posed for the camera
But we don’t always stick with “traditional” around here, so I asked brother to give sister a hug, which seemed to go alright at first…

then brother starts to hug a little too hard

But then turned into a tickle game…

until sister starts to yell because brothers hug is too strong

I’m not sure who won…but brother is looking pretty smug about the whole thing.

then brother and sister break apart laughing loudly

Until sister shows him what’s what with a big smacker on the cheek!

big kiss from sister on brothers cheek

All in all, it was a pretty fun 6.5 seconds.

tickling each other is always good for a laughThese kids make me wish adults were more like this all of the time, too! Ha!