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September 12, 2013

Family Portraits in a Grassy Field Filled with Oak Trees

Each year I add a few more amazing locations to my “rolodex” of spots, and one my newer favorites is this spot for family portraits in a grassy field filled with oak trees. It’s beautiful all year round, even in the middle of summer when the grass is dry – I think I may even like it best when the grass is dry because of the beautiful golden light that gets splashed all around.

This adorable family first came to me for their maternity pictures and I got to learn all about how they met and their plans for the future. After another session for their new baby boy, I feel so lucky to see them again for their six-month session before they whisked themselves off to their new home near the coast a few days after this shoot.

blue and white outfits for fall portraits in sacramento field with oak trees

It can be fun documenting the interactions between siblings – these two just adore each other!

big sister makes her little brother laugh in his baby tweed suit

Mom did an amazing job on the outfits, perfectly mixing patterns, textures and colors. Her floral dress crossed with sister’s polka dot leggings and brother’s little tweed suit – love it!

big sister runs around and gets a piggy back ride from her dad amongst the oak trees in sacramento

Both mom and dad work for VW, so we had to include some beetles in the pictures (check out the blanket he’s lying on). And that face with those rosy cheeks — oh my goodness!

little brother giggles on a blanket covered with vw bugs

She started off a little shy, but turned into little miss model after she saw how much fun we were having.

gorgeous big sister with curly hair and cute white tank top

Such a fun family! I can’t wait to see them again for their one-year shoot!


June 19, 2013

Family Portraits with an Autistic Child

A few times a year, a parent will call in to ask if I am comfortable photographing their family along with their son or daughter who has autism and I tell them, “Yes!” I’ve been very fortunate to have photographed a number of families with autistic children, and one child in particular has made quite a name for himself here in Sacramento. I wanted to take a moment to feature him and allow you all to follow his story.

Meet Jack. At the time this picture was taken (August 2012), he was just beginning a new relationship with Biscuit, his very own adopted service dog.

jack petersen with service dog biscuit

Quoting a 2012 article from Dandelion Magazine: “Jack calls Biscuit his ‘posse,’ explaining, ‘Biscuit has my back at school.’ The duo are inseparable. ‘Biscuit knows Jack is his boy,’ [Jack's mom] says.”

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March 19, 2013

Maternity Photos in the Spring

Maternity photos in the spring are one of my favorite sessions. There’s the excitement of the baby and the beautiful backgrounds and everything comes together so beautifully.

I drove down to Elk Grove for this shoot so that we could incorporate the family’s beautiful home. I got there a little early so I poked around the neighborhood looking for nice spots to take them to. Just down the street from their house was a driveway lined with pink blossoming trees. It was like heaven…

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January 19, 2013

brother and sister winter portraits | el dorado hills

I thought you’d enjoy these brother and sister winter portraits in El Dorado Hills. One of my favorite things to photograph is a sequence of events. Sure, you could do that with video, but there’s something special about freezing that expression in time — it seems to show more in a still photo than it does even in real life.

At first everything was very proper (omg…I love, love her little dimple and his missing tooth!).

at first brother and sister sit together perfectly posed for the camera
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January 16, 2013

grandparent portrait sessions

Last year we offered “Grandparent Portrait Sessions” for Mother’s Day and they were a big hit! I know Mother’s Day isn’t until May 12th, but it can’t hurt to plant the seed…ha!

Here are a few images from a session with some of my favorite kids. One smile out of these two could brighten even the gloomiest day.

grandma grandpa and the grandkids smile big for their portraitFound the perfect brick wall to make a “girls side” and a “boys side”.
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