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May 5, 2015

Keeping Your Walls Fresh and Storing Old Photos

You’ve been doing photography sessions over the years and now you’re running out of wall space. You’d like to swap some of your pictures out for new ones, but what is the best way to store those older prints so that you can access them regularly but also keep them safe?

There are many options for albums on the market, but since we are mainly interested in keeping prints safe, we have to look for archival-quality options. “Archival”, in this sense, means: “Suitable for storing documents or photographs for a long period of time with minimal destruction.” Cheap (non-archival) options will result in your pictures fading and staining. All of us have pictures from our grandparents that have yellowed over the years and that’s because they weren’t stored properly.

To solve this issue, I recommend the Itoya portfolio products. I’ve been using these portfolios since I was in college and I’ve never found anything I liked as much as these. They aren’t fancy, but they’ll do the job beautifully.

itoya portfolios for preserving your portraits

albums for storing photographs

They come in a large variety of sizes. I use the 8×10 portfolio for my 8×10 and 5×7 prints. The smaller prints will swim a bit, but it doesn’t bother me. If you prefer a snug fit, you can go for a smaller size. The links below will take you to for the product that will be good for print sizes:

Up to 5×7

Up to 8×10

Up to 11×14

Up to 16×20

Once you’ve got your portraits safely tucked away in some of these lovely portfolios, you’ll also want to keep a few other things in mind when storing your photographs:

  • Keep photographs in the coolest, driest spot in your home, such as an interior closet. Avoid damp basements and hot attics.
  • Try to avoid touching the surface of the prints with your hands. The oil and dirt from our fingers can hurt them over time.
  • Don’t stuff or over-fill any enclosure that you are putting your photographs in. The pressure and friction when pulling the pictures out can cause tiny scratches on the print.

And if you really want to geek-out on this and get it straight from the guys who archive things all day long, you can visit the National Archives website.

*The links above are affiliate links, but honestly, I’d be recommending these even if I didn’t get a (very) small commission.

February 6, 2012

framing ideas | ikea

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for a inexpensive frames and Ikea offers some great ones for putting together pretty wall displays. I was just browsing the Ikea site today and came upon a fun page they’ve put together with how to visualize and create groupings of pictures on the wall.

In the images below, you’ll see a line drawn around the groupings, helping you see how all of the frames work together as a whole — I like it!

I just threw this one in because I love all of the white, keeping everything bright and airy.

Two of my favorite frames from Ikea are the Virserum for a more classic look:


And the Ribba for a more modern look:


Also, this frame (the Ung Drill) could be really amazing if you painted it yourself to match whatever color worked in your room. Oooh, antiqued gold would be pretty…


Happy framing!

[images via and]

February 2, 2012


When I was a kid, I LOVED collections. I had sets of sea glass, stickers, stamps, playing cards, rocks…and even dirt (well, it was dirt from different parts of the world, which makes it a little cooler, no? haha). When I discovered Pinterest, it was perfect because I could collect all of the fun and inspiring things I found on the internet all in one place (minus the heavy box of rocks that I have to lug around every time I move, lol!).

What is Pinterest? It is a virtual “pinboard” that lets you organize and share all of the inspiring and fun things you find on the web. You can use it to plan an upcoming photo shoot, collect ideas for decorating your home, or even organize your favorite recipes.

Want to be on Pinterest? It’s easy — the first thing to do is request an invite. Pinterest is invite-only right now, so email me if you’d like to start an account at

I love to use Pinterest to create inspiration boards for each different kind photography session that I might have: maternity, newborn, baby, family, and teens. You can also create your own inspiration board and share it with me so that we can be on the same page for your session.

Trying to think of what to wear for your maternity session? Check out the pregnancy inspiration board on my Pinterest page:



Wondering how to display the portraits you purchased? Come on over to my wall display ideas board:



Not sure where to start when it comes to clothing? It works best to start with one outfit and base the others on it. Here some ideas on my What to Wear – Women board:

You can follow me on Pinterest here:

And once you get totally obsessed good at using it, you can have Pinterest on your iPhone like me…

If you’re already on Pinterest, leave me a comment letting me know how you like to use it.

August 4, 2011

Canvas Clusters & Wall Displays

A very popular and stylish method of displaying your very own family portraits is by creating “canvas clusters”, grouped portrait wall displays using canvases. I personally love canvases for so many reasons: the colors are vivid and bright, they don’t require framing, they offer a modern alternative to traditional matted portraits AND they look amazing when grouped together. That being said, I wanted to share with you some new cluster options that I’m now offering that allow you to purchase pre-designed display sets at a 20% savings over a la carte rates.

Here a just a few of the available display combinations:

canvas cluster wall displays (1)

They are easy to create. Take the middle example above — it is simply nine 10″ x 10″ images, set one inch apart. The total wall space covered is 32″ x 32″.

canvas cluster wall displays (2)

Can you imagine this over your child’s bed or in the living or dining room? How fun!

canvas cluster wall displays (3)

Have fun dreaming up something fun for your walls!

– J

{images via Calotype Photography and Ulysses Photography}

June 25, 2011

Image Series – A Fun Framing Option

A series of images can be fun to put in a single frame in your home. It’s not a full-blown home movie, but just enough to show some personality…

Here are two sets from a recent mini-session that made me smile (sized perfectly for a 10×20 frame).

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a leaf!

portrait image series framing idea

I think it’s funny how siblings always hug each other sooo hard. If only adults did that more, lol!

portrait mini-session image sequence (2)

Until next time,