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I wanted to share these adorable pictures with you from Audrey’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” first birthday party. Her mom (and a few other amazing and creative people) really went above and beyond with Audrey’s dress and the party decorations.

We wanted to do a cake smash so we set her down in front of the cake and at first, she was very lady-like, touching it gently with her tiny little finger. Her mom encouraged her by getting it started off and putting a little her mouth, and after that…

audrey smashes her blue cake for her breakfast at tiffany's themed birthday party

There was no messing around!

a tiny blue cake and a black tulle dress are perfect for this first birthday cake smash

We took the cake away and grabbed a quick “after” picture. I think it’s my favorite from the day. Ha!

audrey's face is covered in tiffany blue cake after her cake smash pictures

The decorations were amazing! From the framed pictures of Audrey Hepburn to the Tiffany blue macarons and the glitter-topped cake, everything was perfect.

breakfast at tiffany's table setting for Audrey's first birthday party


audrey themed party favors at this breakfast at Tiffany's birthday

This cute little blue cake was made especially for smashing… I wish more cakes were made just for that… Ha!

The sunglasses and mini-tiaras were a amusing addition to the group photos.

sunglasses and tiaras with tiffany blue gift boxes

The macarons look too good to eat, all perfectly tied up with black satin ribbon.

macarons are best in tiffany blue at a first birthday party

Mom had this poster created for the wall, documenting all of Audrey’s milestones from her first year. The “licking tattoos” thing is for real and the fact that they named their cat “EDM” makes me like them even more, if that’s possible.

audrey's accomplishment poster from her first year for her birthday

I photograph a select number of birthday parties a year. If you’re interested in having me along to yours (or just want to do a cake smash session in the studio), give me a ring at 916-933-8352.

Birthday Cakes by Sweetologie

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