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I thought you’d enjoy these brother and sister winter portraits in El Dorado Hills. One of my favorite things to photograph is a sequence of events. Sure, you could do that with video, but there’s something special about freezing that expression in time — it seems to show more in a still photo than it does even in real life.

At first everything was very proper (omg…I love, love her little dimple and his missing tooth!).

at first brother and sister sit together perfectly posed for the camera
But we don’t always stick with “traditional” around here, so I asked brother to give sister a hug, which seemed to go alright at first…

then brother starts to hug a little too hard

But then turned into a tickle game…

until sister starts to yell because brothers hug is too strong

I’m not sure who won…but brother is looking pretty smug about the whole thing.

then brother and sister break apart laughing loudly

Until sister shows him what’s what with a big smacker on the cheek!

big kiss from sister on brothers cheek

All in all, it was a pretty fun 6.5 seconds.

tickling each other is always good for a laughThese kids make me wish adults were more like this all of the time, too! Ha!

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