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What a treat it was for me to take pictures of these kids on their grandparents’ farm in Elk Grove on such a beautiful fall day! Although I grew up in LA, I’ve always been a farm-girl at heart, so this was so much fun for all of us.

These four kids are two sets of siblings and cousins to one another. Their grandma had been saying for a while that she really wanted pictures of the kids playing on the farm, so the moms conspired…They waited for her to go out of town so that we could run on over the property and spend the afternoon doing all sorts of fun things that had a special place in this family’s heart.

We got to collect eggs and chase chickens…

playing with the chickens for their pictures at the farm in elk groveRide the jeep (which big brother is surprisingly good at — I saw multiple three-point-turns happen!)…

brother and sister riding the jeep at grandmas farm in elk grove

Show off some gorgeous smiles….

brothers smiling at the family farm in elk grove

Play on the grass in the warm autumn sun…

ring around the rosie is always fun at grandpas farm

And look super-sweet for grandma.

fall pictures of kids on a farm in elk grove

Ah, what a great day!

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