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My favorite way to take children’s pictures is in a natural, outdoor setting. Not only is the light from the sun beautiful on their skin, but the kids can run around and be themselves.

Their mom and I talked before their session and we decided to include some of the boys’ favorite planes in the photos. I’m so glad we did because I really enjoy sequences like this, where you feel like you can jump right into the scene and join in their play.

brothers flying their airplanes outdoors in natural light

This was a complete giggle-fest! Love their smiles.

everyone lying on the grass with natural smiles for their picturesImagine these two, twenty years from now, all grown up. They’ll have these pictures to look back on and see how close they were at such a young age. Priceless.

brothers and sister sitting in the sun for their outdoor photographsI asked him to take his sister’s hand and lead her through the trees. He did so with such pride — I felt like this photo captured him, the brave and courageous big brother.

brother and sister holding hands outdoors for their picturesWhat fun we had! I can’t wait to show mom and dad the rest!

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