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So, I’ve been keeping a secret from you all… I’ve always said, “I’ll photograph it, but there’s gotta be kid in the picture.” That held for a few years, but then I started to get inquiries for couples asking to have their pictures taken…lots of inquiries. I guess they saw my family, teen or maternity work and figured it could translate over to them.

So I’ve been sort of secretly accepting couples photography jobs: engagement sessions, anniversary photography, post-wedding “we didn’t love our wedding pictures” sessions, “mess-the-dress” sessions, and what one of my favorite clients refers to as “Love Photos” aka “Let’s-just-have-pictures-together-because-we-love-each-other-photos”. It made me re-evalute what I love about photography and I realized that I enjoy working with kids because they represent a special kind of love that has to exist between two people to make them want to create something beautiful into the future (kids).

And it got me thinking…isn’t that what “Love Photos” are all about anyways? When you’ve got two people, who enjoy each other so much and who are just digging on being a couple — they are the beginning of that special kind of love. It didn’t take much convincing, but I’ve decided to officially start including them in my portfolio — look above — they even have their own category on the blog! I guess I’ll just have change my policy to: “I’ll photograph it, but there’s gotta be love or kids in the picture.” Ha!

Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent session at the Old Sugar Mill with a lovely pair of people who I had the fortune to meet before they move to Hawaii. These high-school sweethearts wanted to have a few more pictures of themselves in their wedding clothes (even though they got married a few years ago — how fun!) and another set, just of them, being cute and awesome and in love (along with their Border Collie, Mochi, of course).

dressed in anthropologie with a fixed gear bicycle and colorful balloons at the old sugar mill in sacramento anthropologie inspired mess the dress session with a bicycle and balloons at old sugar mill sacramento after-wedding photography session with their border collie dog at the old sugar mill sacramento anthropologie red polka dot dress and chambray shirt in the sunset at the old sugar mill clarkburg sitting on the grass with their border collie dog with beautiful grass and brick background at the old sugar mill in sacramento old medium format camera shot for mess-the-dress session sacramento

A perfect sunset ending to a perfect day. Ashley and Brandon, you guys are so fun! I wish you all the best in Hawaii and don’t forget to have me come over when it’s baby-time! *wink*

sunset shots of taking pictures with old vintage cameras and kissing in front of the setting sun at the old sugar mill

From the couple: “We are so amazed with how these photos turned out. We love every single one, so of course we had to order them all! We had so much fun doing the shoot with you, you were a perfect fit for us. You made us feel comfortable and just made it fun. Thank you so much for perfectly capturing this special and exciting time in our lives.” — Ashley & Brandon


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