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Babies are amazing! They are a living, breathing miracle that changes so fast in their first year. Crawling, talking, laughing, smiles, sitting up and, sometimes even walking, happen within the first year. There is so much to see and remember, but there are three major milestones that you’ll want to document with pictures in your baby’s first year.

Newborn Stage

The newborn stage is in the first 14 days of life. Two weeks may not seem like a lot of time, but it’s essential to get those pictures in before significant changes happen to capture that newborn look.

Newborn baby girl sleeping on gray swaddle and blanket as mom and dad hold her in Sacramento studio


6-9 Months (or Sitting Up)

Sitting up is the next milestone after the newborn phase. Every baby learns to sit up at their own pace, but it typically happens between 6-9 months. Babies at this age are great at making eye-contact with the camera and offering up some big, beautiful smiles. This is, personally, one of my favorite ages to capture on camera.

6 month baby boy reaching for fishing fly on bed Sacramento


First Birthday

The final milestone to capture is the first birthday. At this stage, many babies are sitting up, crawling and/or beginning to walk, and they have lots of personality! One year is when they start to look more like toddlers and less like babies. Plus it’s a time celebrate, because the parents made it through the first year! All those sleepless nights and non-stop feedings are (hopefully) just a memory. Celebrate your success and your baby’s birthday with a cake smash photoshoot.

One year old girl cake smash at the State Capitol Sacramento

We offer a “Baby’s First Year” package which includes a photography session at each of these three stages, a credit towards each session’s order and an 8×8 album to include pictures from all three sessions. Additional sessions, such as maternity or 9-months, may be added on. It’s a fun and easy way to ensure your baby’s first year is fully documented. Contact us to book your package!

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