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Getting your family as excited as you are about family portraits can sometimes be just as as tricky as picking out the outfits for them. Making your portrait session enticing can motivate your family to get excited about the day and make the session go a lot smoother.

let your child dress in something they really want to wear to hype up the photoshoot

1. For your children, have them pick out their favorite outfit for a special photo by themselves. Build the concept up so they are excited about it. The key here is to let them pick out anything they want to wear no matter what it is. It could be a Little Mermaid princess dress or a Superman t-shirt. After they cooperate for family portraits in the outfit you want them to wear, let them change into their special outfit. Then, I’ll take a special photograph only of them. This helps the day be more memorable and fun!

2. Another great incentive for kids is to allow them to bring their favorite toy to the photo session. Like the outfit incentive, they can play or take a photo with their favorite toy after they take some family photos without it.

3. Last, is the promise of getting ice cream after the photoshoot. This incentive always seems to work! Ice cream could be at their favorite place or right there in the park after your photo session. Don’t forget the toppings to make it an extra special occasion!

Who knew that family photography sessions could be so fun! Contact me to book your photography session!

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