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Do your kids love to use your phone? I’m sure they do! Most parents I know usually try to limit their kids’ phone-time to something educational or productive (or just to give mom 20 minutes to take a shower!).  Here are some great ways you can occupy your family with your phone that don’t involve mindless games or YouTube.

get the kids to do something fun like a silly picture with the dog

1. Build a photo booth.

Building a DIY photo booth is super easy and fun! You don’t need anything fancy: just a sheet or a blank wall and some imagination! Come up with a theme like superheroes or wacky hats and take some selfies with your phone. Save for a scrapbook later or post to social media for some laughs!

2. Make a slow motion video.

I don’t know about you, but this is one of the coolest features on the new smart phones, plus kids love it! Have your kids show you their favorite sports moves (jumping in the pool or dunking a basketball are fun ones) and play it in slow motion. Your kids will be impressed because it’ll make them look like they are a professional sports player.

3. Make a meaningful slideshow from your photos.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are fast-approaching. What are you going to do if Mother’s Day brunch is off this year? Our moms would all appreciate a sentimental gift like a slideshow, and maybe it’ll create a new tradition you continue year after year. Most people have thousands of photos on their phone. It’s the perfect opportunity to organize photos and find all those pictures for a meaningful slideshow.

4. Give your kids a photo scavenger hunt to do on their own.

Come up with wacky ideas for them to take pictures of like “a selfie with the dog” or “a funny picture with your sister”, or “something you would never want to eat” and see what they come up with. When they have completed it, sit down with them and go through all the photos. Going through the photos together is a great way to reconnect with your kids giving you insight into their sense of humor!

I hope this gives you some ideas to keep it fun for the kids while we are spending extra time at home!

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