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So many of us have a furry loved one in the family and they can be so much fun to include in a photoshoot. Below are seven ideas for having a photo shoot with your dog(s)!

1.Get dressed up! Yes, even your dog can be fancy for a day! Buy your dog a colorful bow tie or cozy sweater to coordinate with your outfits.

Little girl holding dog dressed up in tuxedo in front of red brick wall in Sacramento


2. Run! What dog doesn’t like to run? Start off far away and run towards the camera. The results are pure joy and lots of giggles!

running with your dog can make a beautiful picture


3. Do Tricks. Can your dog catch a frisbee mid-air? Can they sit up and beg? Bring treats and show off all their skills for the camera.

Dog jumping for a treat in Sacramento outdoors

4. Cuddle! Puppies are best for this, but it makes for some great laughs with big dogs, too. Lay out a blanket and cuddle up. Have your dog sit on your lap or lay down next to them and snuggle. Cuteness overload!

Teen girl getting kisses from her labrador retriever in Sacramento


5. Run to Each Other. Remember those romantic comedies where the couple would see each other after a long time apart and would run to each other for an embrace? This is a fun way to connect with your furry friend and get lots of genuine smiles from the whole family!

6. Just Take a Walk. It can be as simple as just taking your dog for a walk. Let your dog be themselves while taking a stroll through a beautiful park.

7. Capture the Details. Think paws, wagging tails, and tongues hanging out to the side. These are the things we want to remember of our furbabies. 

Boys holding on to puppy's leash while smiling under the apple tree in Apple Hill California

Want to book a photo session with your dog? Contact me to schedule a date!

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