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I think we all could use a little reminder of the pure joy that family brings. I love how fabulously silly, amazing and creative this family is. The colorful murals in midtown Sacramento are the perfect backdrop for such a colorful family (pink glitter boots and all).

Family hugging and smiling in front of Marie's Donuts sign. Mom playfully laughs in front of Freeport Bakery storefront mural in Sacramento

Feed me donuts and tell me I’m pretty!

Family jumping and smiling in front of Kinetik Ideas R Street mural

So much fun!

Brother and sister jumping and having fun in front of Kinetik Ideas R Street Corridor mural in Sacramento Family lovingly looking at each other in midtown Sacramento Family photo in front of Mateus Bailon mural in midtown Sacramento Family holding hands in front of red painted brick wall in midtown Sacramento

They bring such joy in every picture…and it is infectious!

Brother and sister running towards each other as mom and dad look at each other lovingly in front of red brick wall in Sacramento Mom and dad kissing and looking at each other lovingly in cafe through window in Sacramento Family walking in front of LOVE SACRAMENTO mural in downtown Sacramento Family photo overlooking Sacramento skyline on a rooftop Brother and sister sitting on Sacramento rooftop overlooking cityscape Family silhouette spelling out LOVE on Sacramento rooftop against sunset

All you need is love.

It’s been a crazy start to the year, but I’m here for you to fill your feed with beautiful images of joy. Stay safe, everyone!


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