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This is the perfect group to show you all just how much fun family photography at Gibson Ranch can be. We’ve been doing family portrait sessions together every year since I moved to Sacramento (almost seven years ago…wow). Gibson Ranch held a special significance for them, so we thought it would be a great spot for this year’s session. It was very windy that day so they threw the girls’ hair up and we got to running around and playing with it.

family holding hands and running down the hill at Gibson Ranch

The horse fences make a beautiful backdrop…and a fun climbing apparatus!

brother and sisters climb the white fence at Gibson Ranch

Here’s the star of the show, flying around in his Superman shirt – love it!

little boy flying around the Gibson Ranch field in his superman shirt

I’m a real softie for sweet moments between father and daughter. Her little hand on his face makes my heart skip a beat…

daddy and daughter snuggle for their picture at Gibson Ranch

Not much better than tickles and smiles!

tickles in the field at Gibson ranch make the best mother daughter smiles

The dock at Gibson Ranch makes a perfect “prop” for sunset shoots.

family picture on the dock over the pond at Gibson Ranch

Had to include a shot of their feet! This family wears Converse shoes at every session – so cute!

family wore converse shoes for their family portraits at gibson ranch

Princess dresses and Ring Around the Rosy at sunset. Doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

sisters play ring around the rosy under the weeping willow at gibson ranch

I always have so much fun with this family! Already looking forward to next year!

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