in children

Sometimes, portraits are daunting and stressful for families. From coordinating clothes to getting your kids to smile, there’s a lot that goes into a photoshoot. Sometimes it may seem that it’s more hassle than it is worth, but family portraits are always worth it! With all the stress going around you might think, “How am I going to get my kids to cooperate in all this chaos and have fun?”


I have the answer for you! It’s all about play. Photoshoots should be a pleasant experience. Encouraging play during the sessions helps you and your kids relax. Playing allows me to capture genuine smiles and moments you can’t replicate with poses. I like to capture the in-between moments, between poses, where you and your family aren’t paying attention to my camera. The in-between moments are the special moments that really show your kids’ personalities.

Also, playing with props is a great way to get kids to cooperate. Let your kids choose something special to bring to the photoshoot or something meaningful. For young kids, these are often balls or a tricycle. Props can also be incentives to get kids to cooperate, rewarded with the promise of play right after the next pose.

If nothing else works, treats are a good incentive for cooperation, too. The promise of ice cream after the session is over or gummy bears in a baggie has never failed to entice a child to sit on mom’s lap. The best thing you can do for our session is let me know your family’s needs and what works for you.