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Lifestyle photoshoots at home are some of the most memorable photographs. Your home is such an integral part of family life that it makes sense to want your house in your family photos. 

Here are some ways to prepare your home to look its best for your photoshoot.

What Rooms Best Represent Your Family

Dad holding newborn baby in nursery with hot air balloon mural Sacramento

About a week before your session, start thinking about which rooms in your house best represent your family. Maybe it’s your living room or the nursery you recently decorated for your newborn. Having the right environment for your family photos is just as important as the people in them. 

Also, think about whether those rooms are well lit. Do they have enough light when you open the curtains to make a decent photograph? Hint: south-facing windows have the best light, and it lasts through the day.

Pick Up Any Clutter Before Your Photoshoot

A day or two before your photoshoot, go around your house and pick up any cluttered spaces. Background clutter in photos can be distracting. You’ll want to go for clean, minimal backgrounds to highlight the essential part of the photo: you and your family.

The Day of Your Photoshoot

Dad holding newborn as mom holds big brother by bay windows in San Francisco

Do a quick run-through of your house, pick up stray toys, and put away random objects we all tend to leave on counters and tables. Think about whether there is anything else out that you wouldn’t want to see in your photos and put it away.

Maybe the most crucial part of an in-home photo session is opening up all the curtains and blinds in your house. Often houses are dark places. You need light for great photos, and the sunlight is the best light!

If you have any questions about your in-home lifestyle session, please feel free to contact me.

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