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We all get a little nervous in front of the camera! I’ll admit that I do, too. Everyone can use a little assistance in this department, so I’ve included some ways to help you look and feel natural at your next photography session. The most helpful method is that I’ll direct you rather than give you a static pose. My directions will be activities such as walking while holding hands with your family or giving each other a giant bear hug. This creates fun and natural looking photos!

hugging in pictures creates natural expressions

Another suggestion is to let your hands relax. Often the most common fix in any session is to address stiff or awkwardly placed hands. Just relax and do with your hands what you would normally do (or ask me what to do with them and I’ll help you). Honestly, with the fun we will have, it’s unlikely you’ll even notice what your hands are doing and you won’t have to worry about it!

Also, movement is key to happy and memorable photos. Kids love to race each other or have a tickle session. It’s the magic ingredient for genuine smiles! Even if it’s a senior portrait session, having my client twirl their skirt or play their guitar adds authenticity to the photograph that you can’t get with static poses.

Last, but not least, you don’t always have to look at the camera during your session. Looking at each other, away from each other, or off into the distance adds variety. Most importantly, looking at each other adds connection and it often makes everyone laugh! Those are the pure moments I love to capture!

Let’s connect to create a super fun (and natural) portrait session for you!

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