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Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating. I mean, a family as gorgeous as this shows up and I really feel like I’m getting away with something. They look so good in every photo, I barely have to do anything! And even when they come dressed so perfectly, they are still willing to be a bunch of goof-balls and jump like crazy people over and over again because I have a sick sense of humor and ask them to do it multiple times and they still look amazing!  Case in point…

goofy silly family picture jumping in front of the california capitol in sacramentoSee what I mean?!

family walking in front of the california capitol in sacramentoYup, still super cute and adorable, and this one was even after they’d been taking pictures for over an hour.

sitting on the steps of the capitol all dressed in blue for their family pictures

mother and daughter, father and son laughing and huggingLast shot of the morning and then they got in their car and drove straight to their camping trip. These folks know how to live! Stop 1: Photoshoot where we all look amazing. Stop 2: Camping for the weekend.  Enough said. 😉

beautiful family lying on a blanket in front of the capitol
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