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As soon as we are allowed to go back to work, I’ll be meeting up with this family for their daughter’s “sitting up stage” photography session, so I figured I should share their newborn studio session first! Lol This particular session turned out so cute. Between little girl’s sweet face and her parents’ big smiles, it was guaranteed to be adorable — even “beary” adorable!

Newborn baby girl wearing crochet bear ears holding teddy bear sleeping on sherpa rug in studio Newborn baby girl sleeping on gray marled blanket while dad holds her head

Daddy’s hands show how little she once was!

Newborn baby girl sleeping with mouth open with bow on gray blanket in Sacramento studio Mom and dad smiling while newborn baby daughter smiles in her sleep in Sacramento studio

All smiles.

Mom and dad smiling while looking at sleeping newborn baby girl in Sacramento studio Dad and mom smiling as they hold their newborn baby daughter in Sacramento studio Close up photos of mom and dad kissing newborn baby daughter on head in Sacramento studio

The furrowed brow is everything.

Mom opens mouth wide as newborn daughter yawns in Sacramento studio

Big yawn for this little one.

Close up of mom smiling directly at camera and mom and dad looking lovingly at newborn against the light in Sacramento studio Tiny newborn baby feet being held by mom's hands Newborn baby girl holding on to mom's finger. Close up of baby toes.

When those tiny hands grab your finger, they also tug on your heart.

Spring is here. That means new blooms, new weather, new life! Let’s get those newborn sessions in. I still have some spring spots left but they book fast. Contact me for more info.

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