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This family started with 3 boys and now they have a newborn sister. This baby girl is so lucky to have 3 brothers that love her so much. She also has the best sleepy little face!

Family photo in studio with mom holding newborn baby girl Big brothers looking lovingly at newborn baby sister sleeping on fuzzy blanket

Big brothers already looking out for baby sister.

Mom cradling newborn baby girl by face in Sacramento studio

Hello, sweetness.

Mom and dad kissing newborn baby girl on head in Sacramento studio Mom and dad looking lovingly at newborn daughter while sleeping in studioMom and dad against the light soft silhouette looking at each other while holding newborn baby daughter Big brother kissing newborn baby sister as dad holds her in studio Dad holding sleeping newborn baby daughter in lap in studio

Daddy’s little girl forever.

Close up of sleeping newborn baby girl being held by dad on his lap Newborn baby girl smiling in her sleep while lying on fuzzy white blanket in studio

That sleepy baby smile.

Close up of newborn baby girl's hands holding fingers and curled up on blanket

Tiny hands and tiny feet.

Dad's hands framing newborn baby feet on blanket detail in studio

Forever leaving footprints in your life.

I love newborn photo sessions. It’s hard to believe just how fast they have grown until you start comparing these newborn pictures with a 6 month photo. It’s a great way to remind yourself of just how little they all were. Contact me to document these memories with your family.

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