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This little boy just turned one! I can’t think of a more special way to treasure this milestone than a family session in McKinley Park in Sacramento.

Although I don’t typically use a lot of props in my work, I couldn’t resist adding this gold number 1 and the little birthday hat. They’re only one once!

Baby boy holding on to number 1 and wearing a crown to celebrate one year birthday at McKinley Park Sacramento

Look at him go!

Mom and dad holding on to one year old boy's hands as they walk through McKinley Park Rose Garden Sacramento Baby boy walking in between mom and dad through McKinley Park Rose Garden Sacramento Baby boy clapping and smiling in McKinley Park Sacramento

In love with that wavy hair and twinkle in his eye

Mom and dad sitting on bench with baby boy in McKinley Park Sacramento surrounded by flowers Mom and dad kissing whole baby boy is on dad's shoulders with blossoming trees in background McKinley Park Mom and dad lying on blanket in grass with baby boy in middle in McKinley Park Sacramento

McKinley is so great for shoots between the rose garden the big playground.

One year old boy leaning against green fence in McKinley Park playground

Those curls just kill me!

Baby boy smiling directly into camera on playground structure in McKinley Park Sacramento

This family is so full of love and I just feel completely honored to be there to capture it.

Mom lifting up baby boy while dad watches against sunset in McKinley Park Sacramento

Let’s celebrate your milestones! Contact me to make this happen!

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