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I adore this family. I’ve been working with them since their oldest boy was a few months old. It’s fun for me to look back at when I started my business here in Sacramento and spot those families who were with me from the very start and are still loyal clients today. I’m so grateful for those that return year after year, trusting me with their most important memories. I think I enjoy so much because we get to develop a relationship where I know them and they know me and it shows in the images. It’s hard to describe it exactly, but everyone seems to smile a little bigger, laugh a little longer and the kids really open up. Each year, this mom says that she loves the most recent collection of pictures the most, and I’d have to agree with her because each year, we grow and develop that really beautiful connection between client and artist.

For 2013, we went to San Francisco for our session and our first stop was the Legion of Honor. The columns there are so visually striking and make the perfect spot for family portraits.

legion of honor family portraits between the columns

Plus, I think the boys had a pretty good time running along the colonnade.

legion of honor pictures with kids

Next stop: Crissy Field with its big, sprawling grass lawns and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

everyone together for a family picture at Crissy Field

Up on the ridge with the city sprawling behind them — I think you can see the Palace of Fine Arts on the right there.

Up on the ridge for family pictures at Crissy Field

When we arrived at this spot, there were a whole bunch of people fishing off the dock. The seagulls were going crazy for the bait, flying in from everywhere.

birds flying around with the golden gate bridge in the background

Once we were about three-quarters of the way through, we headed on down to the beach, knowing that if the kids got their clothes wet, it would be okay…

family holding hands walking on the bridge in front of the golden gate bridge

And, boys being boys, they promptly did…

feet in the water at the beach

And loved every second of it!

dad holding son's hand at the beach all dressed up

I’m already looking forward to my next adventure with these fun people!

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