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It was such a beautiful, windy spring day in West Sacramento. The sky was a bright blue, the wildflowers were in bloom and mom, dad and daughter were grinning from ear to ear. Just perfect.

Mom snuggling with dad and daughter in grassy field in West Sacramento
Toddler girl wearing coveralls smiling in field of wildflowers in West Sacramento

Look at that smile…and the light shining on her hair!

Toddler girl running in grassy field in West Sacramento
Mom and daughter smiling as the wind whips their hair outdoors in West Sacramento

Nothing like the wind in their hair to get the biggest smiles on their faces.

Toddler girl laughing as mom and dad hold her in middle of wildflower field
Toddler girl wearing yellow flower crown in middle of green field in West Sacramento

Flower child.

Mom lovingly smiling at toddler daughter in natural light
Family photos in middle of yellow wildflower field in West Sacramento

Loving the blue outfits with the yellow wildflowers.

Dad lifting up toddler daughter to the sky in middle of flower field in West Sacramento
Toddler running towards dad in grassy field with blue sky and clouds

Such a perfect day.

Family photo with toddler on grass in natural light in West Sacramento

Let’s find a patch of wildflowers and explore! I’d love to work with your family. Contact me for more information.

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