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Moms are magic. I love capturing the inner strength and confidence of a new mama to be. It’s a special moment that we can freeze in time: just you, dad and the growing baby inside of you.

Very excited to share this maternity session in Davis with you.

Pregnant woman wearing gray smiling and looking at baby bump with trees in the background in Davis

There she glows.

Pregnant woman and dad hugging and caressing baby bump outdoors in Davis

Facts: this baby is going to have some amazing hair.

Pregnant woman and dad holding hands and looking at each other under an oak tree in Davis

Can’t take my eyes off of you.

Pregnant woman wearing blue dress in natural light under an oak tree in Davis


Pregnant woman and dad holding hands and walking underneath tall oak tree in Davis Pregnant woman smiling and kissing man in natural light in Davis

Is anyone else getting a Game of Thrones vibe?

Pregnant woman and man touching baby bump while sitting on grass in Davis

My sun and stars.

Pregnant woman and man smiling during sunset natural light under large oak trees in Davis

With all that’s been happening in our world, it’s nice to let things go and enjoy this moment. Let’s celebrate your pregnancy and celebrate YOU.

Contact me for more info.

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