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There’s nothing quite like this BEAUTIFUL weather for taking family photos in Historic Folsom! The way the sun highlights everything gives me so much joy. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been photographing this family since mom was pregnant with her son!

mom with son and daughter hugging in front of a train in folsom california

Watching these kids grow up is one of the best parts of my job. I will never quite get over the honor I have of capturing these fleeting moments!

young girl posing for the camera, big brother sitting on a step in folsom californiadad hugging son and daughter in front of a train in folsom california

These two aren’t always dancing together, but it’s fun to get a few of them having some giggles together.

Brother and sister dancing on top of steps in downtown folsom california

When you have a kid who loves gymnastics, you get to do some wild stuff!

young girl doing a cartwheel in the spring with natural light shining

There are so many gorgeous spots around Folsom! This stone wall makes a great backdrop for family pictures.

family of four walking toward the camera in the natural light in folsom california

Goofy photos are some the best kind of photos. It’s just silly fun when families can let loose and be themselves during their sessions.

family of four jumping up and down in front of a brick wall during spring family photosteen boy climbing a rock wall, family of four holding hands and smiling outsidefamily of four sitting together by a river in folsom californiataking family photos in the natural light under a bridge in folsom california

Now that the sun is staying out longer, it’s time for more family photos! Contact me to book your session today.

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