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tips for taking pictures with your phone

We are spending a LOT more time at home these days, and it’s just as important to document these days as ever before. You’re likely taking pictures of everything from your children to the dinner you made…and you’re likely taking them on your phone. So let’s make the most of your phone pictures! Here are some easy tips for taking great photographs with your phone:

  1. The most important aspect of a photograph is to keep it as simple as possible. Focus only on one to two subjects and make the background as clean as possible (meaning, try not to clutter it with a lot of stuff). Pick a background like a plain wall or a whole bunch of greenery. It’ll make your subjects stand out more.
  2. Have a focal point. A focal point is the prime subject of your photograph. Focal points give your photograph meaning. If you and your family are enjoying the beach, and you just have to get a photo of the gorgeous view, pick something for your photo to focus on. Your focal point could be your child playing in the waves or a bird hovering in the wind just above the water.
  3. Next, get to know compositional rules. The most common one is the rule of thirds. Break up the frame into three parts going horizontally and vertically, and position your subject either in the center or on the left or right line. Most smartphones have a feature that will show you the rule of thirds. It’s called “grid lines“. Try using it the next time you take a photo.
  4. Another brilliant trick is to get close to your subject. Getting close to your subject, like a child or animal, will help you see and remember all the details of who they were. Focus on the eyes to help represent connection in your photograph. Fill the entire frame with your subject for greater impact.
  5. Lastly, kids are always on the move. Leave space in the image in front of your moving subject, especially if they are going across the frame. That way, it looks like they have somewhere to go because the eye naturally follows the movement of your subject.

But most of all, have fun! I hope you’re able to make some beautiful memories with your family this summer!

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