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I’d been wanting to visit this West Sacramento spot before the flowers went out of season and I was so glad to do a session here with this beautiful family to celebrate Mom’s birthday.

Mom and Daughter Smiling at Each Other in Natural Light with Wildflowers Yellow Wildflower Field in West Sacramento

Because wildflowers are so unpredictable regarding when and where they will pop up, we planned the date for this shoot the day before and the family was game!

Family Photo Against Yellow Wildflowers in West Sacramento Daughter Laughing as Mom Holds Her to Walk with Yellow Wildflower Background

I love how mom’s shirt provides a colorful background for her baby girl’s blue eyes and white dress.

Family Photos in West Sacramento in Yellow Wildflower Field

This is a great example of how each person’s clothing complements each other – from the light pink to the red in dad’s shorts.

Sisters Talking in Natural Light with Yellow Wildflowers Background Baby Girl with Blue Eyes and Curly Hair in Natural Light Dad and Daughters Smelling the Yellow Wildflowers Daughter Smiling and Jumping in Field of Yellow Wildflowers Family Walking Towards Yellow Wildflower Field in West Sacramento

Let’s celebrate more birthdays together! Book a family photo session today.

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