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Do you remember this family from their pregnancy portraits by the pond a few months ago? Well, here’s their darling little girl, Katelyn, ready to show of her serious cute-factor to the world.

I always love the “before and after” from pregnancy to newborn:

before and after from maternity to newborn for this sacramento couple

Just after a feeding and before her next set of pictures — sometime these “in-between” moments are the best ones.

just after nursing little baby snoozes getting ready for her next pictures

Her mom and dad are just downright good people; the type that you want to be their friends after only knowing them for a few minutes. Oh, and did I mention that they’ve known each since high school – so sweet!

mom and dad getting to know the new member of the family kissing and hugging

Little Katelyn in a hand-crocheted cap and the cutest tiny foot!

all curled up in a hand-made crocheted hat with her little foot sticking out
Speaking of feet…can you tell I could photograph baby-feet all day long??

baby toes and feet don't get much sweeter than thisP & B – thank you so much for allowing me to peek through my camera at your lovely lives. I’m so, so happy for you both!

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