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Hello. My name is Olivia and I am cute.

baby smiling on a moroccan bedspread in los angeles

My mommy and daddy live in a house in Silver Lake that they designed themselves. They are really good at that stuff. My sister is a French Bulldog named Ava and she already loves me even though she’s only known me for nine days.

dwell baby on a chair with black french bulldog

My mommy also really loves me and she likes to snuggle all day long. That’s okay with me because I like to snuggle, too. And nurse. A lot.

mommy kissing baby in front of luc schwab art piece

Sometimes my daddy wants to hold me, too. That’s really the only thing my parents argue about these days…who gets to hold me. I like it.

modern home with staircase and sunken dining room with mom and dan holding baby in los angelese

I think my mommy and daddy love me. Like a lot. They can’t stop looking at me. Sometimes my Auntie Jill asks them to look at her while she’s holding that big camera, but they can’t stop looking at me. That’s okay with me, though.

los angeles parents holding baby outside with turquoise frame and bouganvilla

Oh, and this is my cousin, River. She’s really cute, too. She never stops smiling. And drooling. But then she smiles some more. I like her.

cousin baby smiles for the camera in her aunt and uncles los angeles home

Okay, now my auntie gets a turn…

If you haven’t already guessed, Olivia is my brand-new niece.  You saw a sort of “sneak peek” of her from her parents’ maternity session a couple of months ago. I got to spend some time with her in LA recently and everybody is completely, head-over-heels in love with our newest family member. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her…I’m addicted. 🙂

P.S. – This post features a beautiful piece of art by our good friend, Luc Schwab. He’s an incredibly talented artist based out of Monterey, CA. You can find more of his work at

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