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New parents who are considering a newborn session often ask themselves: “Should I do my newborn session in the studio or at my home?” Aside from the change in background, the biggest difference between the two is that a studio session involves intricate posing of the baby with blankets and props and a home session concentrates more on the interaction between the family and the baby.

New parents with newborn baby girl in colorful green and blue Oak Park home

What can I expect from a studio session?

With studio photography, you’ll often see a baby wearing a knit hat, sleeping atop fluffy blankets. They are in cute, cuddly poses with a prop, such as a small teddy bear, placed next to them.

Sleeping newborn baby boy cuddling with stuffed bear toy in our Sacramento studio.

Studio newborn photography focuses on photos of the baby alone in cute positions, although, some family pictures are encouraged. Backgrounds are often simple and clean. These sessions are typically done before the baby is two weeks old when they are most sleepy and receptive to being positioned.

Newborn baby on brown blanket

What can I expect from a newborn session in my home?

Newborn photography that’s done in the client’s home is more relaxed, without the intricate posing of the baby on blankets. We’ll often take pictures with the baby’s older sibling(s) or mom tenderly kissing her little one by a window.

Newborn session at home in San Francisco with mom and baby girl

These sessions focus on quiet moments and sweet connections while capturing the memories of your baby’s first home. It’s less about getting a perfectly posed portrait of the baby and more about the connection between family members. For these sessions, babies can be up to two months old.

What if I like both studio and at-home sessions?

If having posed, sleeping pictures of your baby is a priority, a studio session would be your best option and we can do a mix of individual baby pictures and family pictures in the studio. Because the intricately posed pictures are exclusive to the studio, this makes the decision easy.

Family pictures in the Sacramento studio are an option with clean white backgrounds.

If posed baby pictures are not a priority for you, then a home session is a lovely alternative since you don’t have to drive anywhere and Jill will come to you. At home, she will concentrate on pictures of parents holding the baby, cuddling on the bed, or even pictures with the family dogs.

Newborn session at home with the dogs for this West Sacramento family.

Have you made a choice or just want to talk about it?

Get in touch with me here, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you make the right choice for your family.

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