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When I was approached to be featured in Comstock’s on niche marketing, I was so excited! I’m very passionate about this little business o’mine, and marketing it in a way that I really believe in has been a big part of it. I enjoy the subject so much, in fact, that I probably talked the ear off of the reporter who interviewed me, lol!  You can find the online version of this article here.

niche marketing magazine interview (1)

It was a fun and new (and somewhat strange, lol!) experience to be photographed by another photographer while I was working. My sweet, sweet clients were willing to include the magazine’s photographer in the mix during their newborn session – thank you, Monica and Dan!

niche marketing magazine interview (2)

Here’s a little peek at the image I was capturing while the shot above was taken. It looks like little miss Natalia was having a pretty good time. 🙂

niche marketing magazine interview (3)
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