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This was my first trip to Tiburon for this family’s professional newborn portraits and what a treat it was! They mentioned having a pretty little church at the top of the hill near their home, so we drove up to visit it. How perfect!

new mom and dad with their new baby in front of a tiburon church

What an ideal spot with pretty little paths amongst the tall grass.

mom dad and baby walking in the long dry grass down the tiburon slopeOne of their first family portraits. Where’s the “love” button???

first family portrait in front of a tiburon baySo, there’s a small back-story to this picture. I own a Subaru and love it. I think that any of you out there that own one know what I’m talking about. I can’t imagine what the marketing guys at Subaru did to create such a strong sense of pride and camaraderie amongst their customers, but I even treat strangers more nicely when I see them getting out of a Subaru! Lol! So, of course, we had to include their car in the picture for a complete “family portrait”.

this family is a fan of their subaru tooAnd back at home…

baby in the middle on grandma's knitted blanket darling newborn baby with vintage cap

dog meets baby in their family portraitI love sharing my customers’ reactions to their pictures. Here’s what this mom wrote to me after she saw her slideshow for the first time:

“Wow. These are stunning…and they absolutely made me cry! I couldn’t help but flash forward and imagine her wedding when somebody other than Mom and Dad will be kissing her. Thank you so much for taking the time to come out and give us this gift. They’re truly beautiful.”

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