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Oh. My. Goodness. What a trip we’ve had so far — I don’t even know where to start! We are on Day 9 of our trip and we have done more than I could ever fit into one little blog post. I’m typing this during a small break between our last hiking trip through Krka National Park (see a picture below) and dinner time so I can’t be long-winded just yet, but hope to share more soon. Our REI Adventures tour guide has kept us wonderfully busy, but it doesn’t leave much time for blogging.

Our first excursion of the trip was to the AMAZING Plitvice Lakes National Park, where there are 16 terraced, cascading lakes. They are separated by natural dams of limestone, created by the action of moss, algae, bacteria and air. Here is a picture of Drew and me with two of the lakes in the background (there were countless waterfalls as well).

Then on to stay two nights at the very charming Korana Village that sat just downstream from Plitvice Lakes National Park.

In my opinion, the food has been a major highlight of this trip. The cheeses, the seafood, the meats — so much of it is the best we’ve ever tasted.

We stayed two days in Novigrad, a beautiful town on the Adriatic coast.

Today, we visited Krka National Park (pronounded keerk-ah) which has more of the amazing limstone/travertine waterfalls. It was full of European tourists swimming in the water — most of them are behind the trees in this shot, but you can see a few stranglers on the right hand side.

And yet more delicious food: an abundance of prosciutto and a delicious cheese made from cow and sheep milk.

I have to run to get ready for dinner (all of these food pictures are making me hungry!). We’ll be heading to Split early tomorrow morning — can’t wait to share more soon!

– J

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