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Thought I’d share a little vacation that I just came back from in Bishop, CA. I did what’s called a “horse drive” where you move a large group of horses across a long distance. It was so. much. fun. I’m already trying to figure out when I can go again…ha!

We rode almost 100 miles over four days, putting in somewhere between 6-9 hrs a day in the saddle. I was in heaven!

First day at camp and we were meeting the horses. The light from the setting sun couldn’t have been prettier.

There were about 25 guests and 15 staff and we all gathered around for a sunset dinner. The food was so great from bacon and eggs for breakfast to steak and pork chops for dinner. I felt so spoiled!

One of our campsites with the sun coming up. I should get up at 5am more often.

The first horse I rode was named “Ears” because his ears are floppy. I thought he was trying to channel his inner mule…

Driving the horses on the streets. We had the right of way, so cars had to pull over for 10-15 minutes while our huge string of horses and mules passed by.

We covered some pretty large stretches of desert.

Our campsite on the third night was so pretty with a little stream running right down the middle of it. If you want to check the place out, it’s called Mill Pond Campground. Rock Creek Pack Station set up some live music for us that night for Father’s Day which was a real treat.

My second horse, Maime. I think she’s the most fun horse I’ve ever ridden. Aw, I just adore her.

We had real live cowboys on our trip, lol! They were all such gentlemen and worked extremely hard not only driving the horses, but helping all of us have an amazing experience.

This was an alpine meadow in the mountains where we had lunch and let the horses water and graze.

Back to good ‘ol Ears for the first half of the day. He’s actually got his ears up in this picture – amazing! 😉

This is a shot from the last day just a few hours before we pulled into our final stop. Can you believe this view?! I think we were up around 10,000 feet in elevation.

Here’s (almost) the whole crew from the trip. I went by myself and wasn’t sure what to expect but got to experience some of the best riding of my life and made a few really amazing friends.

If you’d like to look into taking a trip with Rock Creek Pack Station, you can check out their website HERE. They have special trips for families if you’d like to take it easy and bring the kids along. They also have wild mustang trips…might have to do that one myself next time!


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