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our-new-dog-legacy (2)This is a loooooong overdue post, but I’d like to officially announce the “arrival” of our new “dog-child”, Legacy. We call him “Lego” for short, because we think it just sounds cuter that way, lol! Bueller (our first Boston Terrier) was asking for a brother almost every day, so we were very happy to bring home his half-brother and welcome him into our little family.

Lego enjoys cuddling up on the sofa, licking faces, chewing cow hooves and long walks in the rain.

Do you see his funny little pose on the right? Well, here’s a side shot, just in case you were interested…

our-new-dog-legacy (1)God, I love those little legs.

Anyhow, that’s enough of my puppy obsession…

Until next time,


P.S. – In case you’ve been thinking of adding a sweet Boston Terrier to your own family, both Bueller and Legacy are from an amazing breeder, Danielle Campbell of Campbell Clan Bostons. Jump on over to her website at where you can see a whole ton of pictures that we worked on together, quite a few of which are of Mr. Legacy himself.

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