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One of my favorite things to do is listen to people’s stories. Where did they grow up? How did they meet? I could listen all day long and I was thrilled when I found out these two were high-school sweethearts! I don’t know what it is about meeting in high-school and getting married years later, but I think it’s SOOOO romantic. And to top it all off, they are expecting their first baby — a little girl!

Mom is simply stunning in these pictures — the back-light in her blond hair and those sparkling blue eyes — beautiful!

ancil hoffman park maternity portraitsWe came to this park because it’s where they would come to spend time together when they were teenagers, looking out over the river, having picnics. I love the idea of incorporating those past memories with these new ones.

husband and wife pregnancy photosDad told me, when were just starting the session, that he wanted the session to be all about her — aww, how sweet! I think I must’ve said “aww” about 50 times that days because there is a real, tangible connection between these two that anyone can see.

maternity pictures in SacramentoCan’t wait to meet their little one in March!

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