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I just loved this picture-perfect park in Elk Grove for maternity portraits. The weeping willow and gazebo make a beautiful background for this sweet moment.

pregnancy pictures with mom and dad in front of gazebo in elk grove

We timed it perfectly so that the sun was just behind them as they walked hand-in-hand along the path and through the late-summer foliage.

walking hand in hand through the trees for maternity photography in elk grove regional park

The park, complete with pond, streams and bridge, frames this portrait beautifully.

maternity portraits on a bridge in elk grove

As we walked through the park, they shared their story of how they met and what their plans were for the little girl that is about to join them. We laughed and photographed, talked and walked. It was an all-around good time with these two.

deep blue maternity blouse is perfect for pregnancy portraits by the fence in elk grove

I was loving the soft greens of the weeping willows, the muted brown of the dock on the pond and the contrast of the deep purple blouse and her luxurious dark brown hair. When my clients have hair like this, I’m always trying to show it off. I just love long hair!

elk grove park was perfect for maternity photos on the dock

As the sun set, the light turned pink and we captured “snuggle-photos” on the lawn between the trees. I think I just invented that word, but you totally know what I mean…

glowing sunset pictures for pregnancy at elk grove park

Ling told me that she wanted to take some pictures in her kimono and I think they turned out perfectly! She looks so feminine and strong, ready to walk the path that she has laid out before her: Motherhood.

pink kimono maternity photographs in elk grove park
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